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Trinity Health Discount plan offers so many health benefits. It also offers educational benefits. I find this Professional Study institution a willing partner to recommend to you because they don’t only make your life better, they offer discount that makes you feel better.

Get hired at Trinity Professional Studies to get a better life.

How? Trinity offers you different benefits in their scheme. They offer discounts of different schemes to their employees.
These discounts give a comfortable education and health. By doing this, Trinity Professional Institution comes to the rescue of its workers.
Trinity Professional Studies is an institution of learning in Washington. It partners with many employers in the region. It offers employees special tuition discounts.
This is put in place to help many employees combine school with education. It also gives room for convenience while studying. Trinity partners with many employees to give the best benefit to people.
Trinity’s primary campus is on the Red Line. It is a minute drive from downtown D.C. and Capitol Hill.
Trinity at THEARC is at southeast D.C. It is on the Green Line and closes to communities and business owners in Maryland. Trinity is the sole university to provide college degrees on the East of the River.
The Trinity School of Professional Studies has special areas of concentration. It specializes in Innovative Business. It specializes in Liberal Arts Program.
These courses are undergraduate programs. They are made for students who want to advance their careers. It is also for those who want a career change.
Trinity School of Professional Studies has an affordable free. It is one of the Colleges and Universities with the lowest pay in the Washington area.
There is a list. Tuition in the School of Professional Studies goes for $580 per credit hour. You can also have $1,740 per class. Working adults taking three classes (9 credits) in a semester are referred to as full time.
The average students take three courses in fall and 3 in spring. They also take 2 in summer. That is 8 per academic year. This costs $13,920.
There is semester acceleration which means they run in 8-week terms. This enables students to maximize their time. It helps them to balance their academics and family life.
The staff of the college is available to help on how to manage your course. They help on how to schedule your time table. They also help with how to manage your finances.
There is convenience in the academic calendar. Trinity offers a flexible time table, and there are evening and weekend classes.
There is a program of 8-week classes which is in place to give working students opportunities. The opportunity is to combine studies with career.
In Trinity, they accept the transfer. Most students in the school have taken courses from other schools. The admission staff and School of Professional Studies streamline that process.
They form the transfer of college credits. They also tell students on the courses they need to take to finish their studies.

Career-focused Degrees

If you want to complete a degree. Suppose you want to change to a new career if you want to change to a new profession.
There is a wide range of degrees courses you can do. They are available at Trinity School of Professional Studies.
If you wish to get help: Connect with Trinity on Facebook. You can connect on Twitter. You contact the School of Professional Studies. Call 202-884-9620. You can connect by fax: 202-884-9632.
You can visit the Admission Office as well.

Partners of Trinity


1. District of Columbia

Employees of the District of Columbia are eligible for a 10% tuition discount.

2. Edcor-client Companies

Employees who benefit through Edcor are eligible to get a 15% tuition discount. It is given on Trinity Washington University’s undergraduate.
They also have a 15% benefit for graduate programs in the Schools of Education. Get 15% for the School of Nursing & Health Professions.15% for Professional Studies. 15% for and Business & Graduate Studies.

3. Holy Cross Hospital

Employees of Holy Cross Hospital are eligible to get a 15% tuition discount.
The Holy Cross nurses in Trinity’s RN-to-BSN and MSN programs get 15%. The Cross employees enrolling in the Schools of Education get 15%. Nursing & Health Professions, Professional Studies get 15%.
Business & Graduate Studies also get 15%. Apply online. Know more about their programs. For more information, contact:
Iris Escarraman
Executive Director for Enrollment Development
Trinity Washington University

Employment Health Benefit

Trinity is fast rising by building 3,000 employees. They seek to build a community of strong people. People who are dedicated and caring.
People who will meet the needs of the communities in the northwest region of North Dakota. They seek to invite more people to join their dynamic team.

Paid Time Off (PTO)

 This is personal time off. The employees can use it for any personal reason. Accruals begin with employment.
It can be used on the first day of the pay period following 90 days of employment. PTO Accruals increase with longevity. In PTO, carryover can be done.
It gives full-time benefits to employees who subscribe to its use. They earn based on working-hours. If an employee is under Limited part-time, they will earn PTO on excess work hours.
This is based on status.

Long Term Disability Insurance

Employees working for 20 hours at least in a week will benefit 60% of monthly income. It does not exceed #3,000.
It continues until an employee is 65 years. It also continues until the employee returns to work. It continues until the disabilities to qualify the employee for coverage ceases.
This benefit starts after a year of continuous employment.

Extended Sick Leave

There is the benefit of Extended Sick Leave. It starts from the day an employee is hired.
This Extended Sick Leave is different from the PTO. Employees benefit PTO when they are indisposed.
They also get 8 hours off Leave for 260 hours of work.
Life Insurance: You will get a life insurance benefit that is almost one and a half times your base pay at no cost. You will get this after working for at least 20 per week.
Trinity will give you this opportunity. This is after working for a year. There is Optional Life coverage for employees. There is a dependent coverage benefit for employees.
All these are at the cost of the employees. The plan is available if employees are interested.

Health Insurance

Trinity Health give Healthcare insurance to their employees. This is done through the United Healthcare/ UMR. Employees get pharmacy benefit under OptumRX.
Employees work at least for 30 hours a week. This is equal to 1560 hours. They are eligible to get health Insurance coverage through Trinity Health. At Trinity Health, employees get;
  • Single plus independent.
  • Plus spouses.
  • Family health care plans.
They get these benefits with Trinity sharing in the cost. The eligibility is gotten on the 1st of the month following the date of hire.
It is also gotten on the 16th of the month following the date of the hire. It depends on the closest date.

Dental Insurance

 Trinity Health also offers a dental package. Employees who work for a minimum of 20 hours per week benefit this plan.
They are covered by the Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota. This is done for an increased charge for employees.
It is also done for an increased charge for their families. The Dental plan coverage starts at the same time, the health benefits. The benefit could be a stand-alone.
It could stand alone even if another insurance carrier provides employees with health insurance. Under this plan, there is also a dental – buy-option. The option includes the orthodontia. It also includes the annual limits.
The eligibility is the same as what employees have under Health Insurance.
Pre-tax Premiums (per pay period):
  • Single= $7.00 per pay period.
  • Family=$34.54 per pay period.
  • Single Buy-Up=$12.05 per pay period.
  • Family Buy-Up=$46.48 per pay period.
For more information, visit

Holiday Benefit

 Six legal holidays are celebrated at Trinity Health. These holidays are an Independent day holiday.
Thanksgiving day holiday. Memorial Day holiday. New year’s Day holiday.
Labour Day holiday. Christmas Day holiday. You are eligible to join after 90 days. Holiday pay is built into PTO accrual.
Voluntary Benefits: This caters for a wide range of benefits. Employees working for 20 hours per week may get the benefit. They may get vision coverage.
They may get for their families. They may get it through Superior Vision at an increased charge. Employees are eligible to get it on the 1st of the month following the day of hire.
Pre-tax Premiums (per pay period): Employee = $4.06, Employee + Spouse = $8.03, Employee + Child(ren) $7.86, Employee + Family = $11.95.
For more information, visit
Under Voluntary benefits, other plans are. Short Term/ Voluntary Income Protection.
Get more information from All-State Cancer Insurance.
Get information from
All State Critical Care. All-State Universal Life. Long – Term Care Insurance.
Visit Long – Term Disability Buy- Up.
Purchasing Power. Visit
Enjoy a comfortable life with the lists of programs from Trinity Professional Institution.
Trinity Health also gives you the best health discount. You only need to register on their page.
Follow the instructions. Get registered to enjoy different programs.

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