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What could be more exciting than getting help when you really need it ? Sutter Health Care has got the answer for you and in this post I will share it with you!
You can get this help for free and some at a discount. So with little or no money,you still get help.
When you subscribe to any of their plans, you enjoy a variety of plans for yourself and your loved ones.
Sutter Health Care has a long term history of giving back to the community.
It commits to helping the less privileged in the community. Towards this commitment, it provides financial help, quality health to the low earners.
They receive care at Stutter healthcare facilities and medical foundations.
In February 2004, Stutter health adopted a common system wide charity care policy.
This system is in place to help people regardless of their financial status.
Under the charity care policy, patients get care. No uninsured patients no matter his status will receive a full-bill.
Sutter hospital in March 2006 offers health at a discount, and it is automatic. The discounts are comparable to the ones hospitals give to private companies.
Then in 2016, the Sutter hospital adopted a new health policy. The policy provides income-based charity care. They also provided other financial help to qualified patients.

Sutter Hospital

It has networks of hospitals. The Northern California Hospital commits to helping people.
It offers financial help to low-income patients and insured patients with high bills.
Also, it helps uninsured patients to get insured. The policy gives full charity to uninsured patients while insured patients get 400%.
It could be from the Federal Poverty Guideline (FPIG). They also provide discounts to patients who are not insured.
These patients are the ones who exceed 401% of (FPIG).

Standard Uninsured Discount

This plan seeks to reduce 40% of charged bills. The reduction is for inpatient Services.
There is also a discount for outpatients. They get 20% charge reduced fees for services.

Sutter Health Write-Off Services

They provide a write off services. They write off their debts if they are uninsured. They help them if they earn less than 400% FPIG.
They write off is for them if they have high medical bills. This is if their medical expenses over the past 12 months are more than 10% of the family income.
They provide discounts to patients living in rural areas. It is called the Rural Uninsured Discount.
In this plan, 20% is reduced from bills. The reduction is for inpatients and outpatients. Patients can get these services at any of the hospitals listed.
• Sutter Lakeside Hospital and Center for Health
• Sutter Coast Hospital.
• Sutter Amador Hospital.
Sutter Hospital also gives no interest charges. It is given to all patients. There is prompt payment of a 10% discount.
This is provided to Uninsured Patients. It is paid apart from all other Sutter Health Discount.
Discounts benefits are applied if a patient pays at the time of services. The payment should be made at the moment of service and not before.
It could be made within 30 calendar days of the first billing of payment.
For more information.
To get information for financial help : Contact any Sutter hospital. Call (855) 398-1633.
Send mail to P. O. Box 619010, Roseville, CA 95661-9998
Attn: Charity Care Application.

Other Sutter Health Convenient Health Plan

Sutter Health Plus is a health plan. It offers a variety of health plan options to patients.
It is designed to meet the needs of patients, and it helps in budget planning. Patients can choose from two options;
The Traditional HMO Plans.
The High-Deductible Health Plans (HDHP).
Either of these two is compatible with a Health Savings Account (HSA).
There are different HMO Plans.
1. Individual and Family HMO Plan.
2. Small-Group HMO Plans (1-100 employees)
3. Large Group HMO Plans (101+ employees).

The Plan Designs

Co-payment plans as it is called. This plan features a set dollar amount for those seeking medical care.
Deductible plans: The deductible plans include a set of deductibles. It must be paid before co-payment and coinsurance. It is an affordable monthly premium.
HDHPs That Offer Affordable Monthly Premiums.
• There are a series of coverage.
• They provide coverage for outpatient services.
• They provide coverage for hospitalization.
• They provide coverage for drug prescriptions.
• They provide coverage for out-of-pocket cost preventive services.

Optional Benefits

• There is coverage for dental.
• There is vision coverage.
• There is coverage for acupuncture.
• There is chiropractic coverage.
• There is coverage for infertility services.

A Focus on Prevention

This helps Sutter Health Plus members have different opportunities. They have access to a variety of no-cost preventive care services.

The services may help you prevent and detect problems early. Sutter Health has provided some no-cost preventive services.

These are the services they cover;

• Over-the- counter vitamins.
• Over-the-counter supplements. This is provided when a participating provider prescribes it.
• They also provide Health Education Counseling.
• They provide Health Education Programs.
• They provide immunizations administered by a participating provider.
• Tuberculosis services.
• They provide care for maternity.
• They provide newborn care.
• There is provision for routine physical maintenance examinations.
• There are well-woman examinations.
• They provide routine imaging services.
• There is routine preventive laboratory tests and screenings.
• These tests include a cervical cancer test.
• It includes cholesterol tests.
• It includes diabetes screening.
• It includes faecal occult blood tests.
• It includes HIV tests.
• It includes prostate-specific antigen tests.
• It includes some sexually transmitted diseases tests.
• There is a provision for Smoking cessation interventions.
• The benefit includes provision for medications and counselling.
• There are Well-child preventive care examinations.
Other Sutter Platforms of Benefits
Sutter Health provides other range of services to their employees.
• The services include training a new pet.
• It includes adopting a child.
• It includes a retirement plan.
• Financial help on payment of a debt.
• Care for dependents.

Childcare Support

Sutter Health provides consultant help on children’s welfare.
They provide help on parenting issues and sourcing for new parents.
They also provide referrals for other services.
The services include:
• Services for Family day care homes.
• Services for Infant centres.
• Services for Preschools.
• Services for Summer Programs.
• Services for Emergency.
• Services for back-up-care.
• Services for In-home care options.
• Services for Overnight.
• Care for sick children.
• Services for special.
• Services for before and after school care.

Adult Care Support

The EAP program helps with consultancy.
They provide help on elderly care and disabled adult issues.
It includes help on relocation issues. Other areas of help are:
1. Help on transportation.
2. In-home care services.
3. Assisted living facilities.
4. Caregiver Support.
5. Meal and nutrition programs.
6. Nursing home services.
7. Caregiver support services.

Child Adoption Services

They offer help in child adoption. Adoption options are available and discussions on adoption topics.
1. Public and private adoption agencies.
2. Adoption support organizations.
3. Single-parents adoptions.
4. Step-parents adoptions.
5. Attorneys specializing in adoption.
6. International adoptions.
7. Adopting special needs children.

Selection of Schools for Children

They decide the type of school for children.
-offer consultation services for parents and select appropriate schools for your wards.It could be a private or public school.
-provide educational materials for children and help in providing referrals.
-provide after school programs and a home school program.
-select a college for children and provide consultation on the college process.
-provide information on the pros and cons of colleges.
-provide information on MSc and MBA programs.
-provide for school services including;
1. Test preparation courses.
2. Financial aid services.
3. Educational consultant services.

Pet Care Services

They have varieties of pet care services.
You enjoy consultation and referral services.
1. Veterinarian services.
2. Obedience Service.
3. Animal hospitals.
4. Adoption Help services.
5. Pet services.

Telephone Services

Each enjoy a no-cost telephone consultation with a financial counsellor. The seasoned professionals provide the services Along with licensed CPAs. The services of telephone consultation are limited to 30 minutes to an hour. It is given per issue and not for many issues. Employees are billed if they use beyond the allotted time. The discount rate is 25% off the service fees. Topics include;

  • Debt consolidation.
  • Lease matters.
  • Purchasing matters.
  • Consumer credit.
  • Budgeting.
  • And much more.

Financial counselling services

For those employees with financial issues, the company provides expert help. Through various partners and affiliates, employees get discounted or free financial counselling. Some of the topics discussed include:

  • Credit reports.
  • Bankruptcy issues.
  • General financial issues.

Some of the services offered include;

  • Preparing tax.
  • Tax planning.
  • Services on IRS matters.
  • Services on Retirement.


Sutter Healthcare is up to the task when it comes to giving employees benefits. They provide all the essential services to ease the lives of their workers. Health care services are unique.

Their financial counselling is 100% perfect and useful for various issues. The Pet Insurance scheme is available and ready at all times.

And much more services are lined up that can be enjoyed. Become one of their employees and enjoy more of their help plans. You can merge many plans and enjoy all the benefits. Be sure to read the Terms and conditions before taking part.

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