Car Insurance Giveaway Policy

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Buying a new car can be expensive, sometimes, beyond one’s reach. There are only a few people out there who can only afford to buy a new car as well as a one-year insurance policy at the same time.


This is one of the reasons a lot of people make decisions to cost-spread monthly payments for the car. But, when you deal with two companies and manage two different payments, it can be bothersome.


Companies that make cars understand how hard you want that new car.So what do they do? This is why some of them feel excited to give you a gift for the hard work you’ve put together to own a ride.


Top car dealers and Automakers make provisions for special incentives. These incentives are to help fresh graduates about to enter the workforce. Regardless of you having your diploma or soon to have it, there are programs for you.


These programs come with extensions for these exclusive deals for students. These students must be pursuing a college degree or are in a trade school.


Special financing for those who don’t have established credit, including rebates. Cash discounts are all-inclusive in this perk. If you’re qualified, this may even help you to save more. You can have many discounts combined.


To be approved to take part in this giveaway program, there are certain eligibility requirements. There may be changes in terms and participation. Ensure to inquire from your local dealership about available incentives. The following are the discounts available.


Top companies that offer car insurance giveaways.


  1. Acura, $500 Discount for Recent College Graduates

When you buy or lease the new model Acura under the Acura college Graduate program, current students and recent graduates can save up to $500.


When recent and future graduates finance a new car under this program, they are also handed the option of deferred payment for 90 days.

For you to qualify, you must be a graduate with a master’s, bachelor’s, or an associate degree. You must also have at least two years, or you must be a student.

The only expectation is to a student with six months left to graduate. They must be graduating from an accredited school in the US.

To be offered for this incentive, you will have to submit a transcripts copy of your diploma. You would also need proof of employment for the present or future.

To finance or lease a 2020 or newer car through Acura Financial Services, you must meet the minimum credit requirements. Except for the NSX, this offer is available to all new Acura vehicles.

  1. Audi

Special Financing Program on New or Certified Pre-Owned Audi Vehicles

Under Audi’s college Graduate Program, near and fresh graduates may qualify. This is for full-time employees as a graduate from an accredited school in the US or Canada.

You must have been in two or four years of college or university in the past two years.


If these requirements fit you, you will have the advantage to enjoy this program. Among other things you would benefit, includes being able to lower the rate of your interest.


You will also have any lease security deposits waived under this program. As well the company will skip the requirement of a co-signer. Finally, students expected to graduate within 6 months are also eligible. But, your credit history might be minimal.


This doesn’t stop you from qualifying for the special financing terms. If you own or pre-own Audi vehicles, this special financing program is available for you.


  1. BMW

Save $1,000 on a New or Certified Pre-Owned BMW.

Recent graduates can have up to $1000 saved on a certified pre-owned or new model BMW model. All thanks to the BMW College Graduate Program.

To be eligible for this offer, you must be a graduate. This must be within the last two years from an accredited college or university in the US. You must have either a bachelor’s, Master’s and, or an associate degree.

Also eligible to take part in this offer are applicants who will be graduates in the next six months.

If you are yet to be a graduate, you must be in paid employment or have a valid employment offer. In addition, you must have a most recent credit history of at least six months.


Also, your debt-to-income ratio should not be higher than 20%. Applicants must bring along a piece of evidence. This evidence must show that you have completed the degree programs.


  1. Chevrolet, Buick, and GMC

Special Pricing for Students and Recent Graduates

Recent graduates and college students may get discounted eligibility. This eligibility is on Chevrolet, GMC, and Buick vehicles. You can enjoy this through the GM College discount program.

There may be a combination of other offers if you take this program. Other offers could be low-interest financing or cashback in the promotional discount.

You may be eligible if you are in a two or four-year university or college. If you have been a graduate within the past 12 months, you are also eligible.

You need to submit an application for a discount code at Then get the code submitted to the dealership to take part in the program.

If you are participating in the program are not expected to lease or finance through GM luxury. This means that vehicles with high-performance are not included.


  1. Ford/Lincoln


$500 Bonus Cash on Select Vehicles

Applicants can take up a $500 bonus cash as an incentive when they take part in the FordDruvesU program. Only recent college grads and current college students can qualify for this program.

When you make a purchase or lease an eligible ford or Lincoln vehicle, you can apply.

Graduates that are within three years of graduation date can take part in this program. To qualify for this program, you must have attended a trade school.

Otherwise, you should have attended junior college, university, or community school. You will need to present your diploma with eligibility proof. Also, you need a letter from your school.


This will be alongside your present schedule of class, and admission transcript. To confirm your eligibility status, visit the company’s site,

Get your certificate printed and take it to the dealership. Ensure to contact your local dealer for further details. This is because this offer applies to select Ford and Lincoln vehicles.


  1. Honda

$500 Discount When You Finance or Lease a New Honda

Students that graduated and near graduates are eligible for a $500 discount. This comes when you finance or lease via the Honda Financial Services.

The unique thing is that all Honda vehicles come with these incentives.  Applicants must meet Honda’s credit monthly income requirements.

Another requirement is proof of present employment or an offer of employment. Applicants that are eligible must have been a graduate within the last period of 2 years.

They must have a bachelor’s, associate’s, or Master’s degree in the US. The university must also be an accredited one. You must also make provisions for a copy of your diploma or transcripts.


  1. Hyundai

$400 Off When You Finance or Lease Through Hyundai Motor Finance

Recent college graduates can save up to $400 when they make a lease or purchase of the brand new SUV or a new Hyundai car. Applicants must have been a Graduate within the last two years. They must have completed a bachelor’s, associate’s, or Master’s degree.

This must be from an accredited college or a registered school in the US. Students with six months to graduation can be eligible for this program.

Applicants need to present an employment proof and credit history to qualify. Current students may also tender an employment proof. This will begin within three months of finance contact.


The program applies to New Hyundai vehicles financed via Hyundai Motor Finance.


  1. Mercedes-Benz

Special Financing Program for Recent College Graduates and Students

Students graduating soon and recent graduates may qualify for this. This is the Rising Stars College Graduate Program.

You qualify when they lease or finance certified pre-owned or new Mercedes-Bez vehicles. Then you can begin the process via the financial services of Mercedes-Benz.

This program is for both local students and students studying abroad. Graduates that are eligible must have collected their diploma from a university.

Or else they must have finished a registered nursing program. If not, they must have been to an accredited university within the last two years.

Students that are currently studying with six months of graduating may also take part.

Applicants need copies of diploma or transcripts, income proof, and bank statements. Besides, a gross payment-to-income not higher than 20% must is compulsory.

Minimum credit history of 24 months must be available to qualify for financing.


Getting your dream car can be a difficult task as a result of the high cost. With these offers from top vehicle companies, owning a car becomes easier.

This is as long as you meet up with the requirements. Be sure to make your due diligence and find out other terms before taking the offer.

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