Insurance freebie ideas

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Freebies are effective tools to to get attention , goodwill and patronage from customers in nearly every industry. Insurance is definitely not left out!
The business sector uses it to attract new customers. The internet has created techniques used in promoting, marketing, and getting new customers. But, it also poses some challenges in selecting which ideas to use.
This post will put out insurance Freebies Ideas insurers can use for their business. Some of these items are already in use, and others are new. Whichever you choose, be sure to make it unique to your company. It would be a wise idea to take a survey or ask for customer’s opinion before choosing it. In the end, the customers are those who will use it. Here are the Freebies Ideas insurance companies can use.
Nineteen Possible freebie ideas for insurance companies:
1. Imprinted jar:
One of the best giveaways ever devised is imprinted jar openers. They remain one of the most amazing tools for adverts. They are not costly and can last for ages if properly made. A recent survey about giveaway products found that 91% recalled owning a giveaway opener. It is also a handy tool and can be taken around, which makes for an excellent advert and promotion option.
2. Writing tools:
Everyone may not love writing. But some find writing as a hobby or as a work necessity. Many people use the item to add their working tools every day. These include cashiers, clerks, general public workers, and restaurant servers. This set of people and indeed everyone makes use of a pen as a writing tool from time to time. For such people having an effective writing tool, could be useful. The writing tools will filter throughout the community. This will ensure your messages are delivered over and over again. This is a regular giveaway option and could be adopted by insurers.
3. Recyclable grocery bags:
Not a bag for the collection of groceries alone but a reusable one. It is also an efficient advert vehicle because they are made in different colours. Its durability is an assurance that it will last longer than ordinary bags. To crown it all, they are very useful. With this durability and beauty, they should not only be used to fetch groceries. They can be utilized to preserve other valuables for greatest comfort. They are also a great way to attract Eco-friendly customers. Insurers can use it to show their green-conscious approach. This will win more satisfied clients.
4. Calendars:
Nowadays, people believe calendars are going into oblivion. This is far from the truth. Calendars are still useful and relevant, even today. The fact is that many prefer to check the upcoming events with mobile calendars. On the other hand, most people do not and still use manual calendars. Nothing comes so easy than checking your upcoming events from a calendar hanged on your wall. For those less techy scrolling on their mobile phones for information can be tough. Furthermore, a manual reminder is often used by a group of people or families. They can set a date and keep track of all upcoming events,
appointments, and; many more. 5. Imprinted apparel:
When a specific company has its branded jackets, T-shirts, sweaters, and, more, they appear trendy. Customers and potential customers would see a unified marketing message. Clothing materials are items that last for a longer period. This implies that the branded message on the clothes would be seen and noticed wherever it goes. One benefit of a company’s branded cloth is that it could ignite a conversation with a prospect. Finally, imprinted clothes are an incredible idea and a fashion statement. However, it is recommended that the material used should be of very cool colour. If that can’t be achieved, then it should have an attention-catching message. For a better result, the appeal should have both.
6. Magnets and clips:
These very small marketing tools can be handed out to customers. If you have a catchy design, customers might hang them or pin them on their cars or properties. Another form is using sticker flyers which can be placed on cars and books. Many companies have this, and loyal clients will show their involvement.
7. First-aid kit:
Unforeseen circumstances could occur anytime, irrespective of how prepared you are. There are lots of cars and drivers that don’t have this basic car emergency tool. Insurance companies can give out these kits to their customers as a helpful option. If one is included in minor road mishaps, or get injured on the road, a first-aid kit will come in handy to care for bruises. This will give a customer a long-lasting interest in such an insurance company. Items in these kits may range from medication to ointments, adhesive tape, and others.
8. Flags and Flares:
A single road can lead to many ones. When there is an accident or a faulty development, flags and flares can be used to send help signals. Cars may breakdown in a less populated area where it might be hard to locate help. When customers in such situations remember that their insurers offer a remedy, they become even more loyal.
9. Flashlight:
This is an excellent freebie insurer can offer to its consumers. Customers will always have situations that need direct light to check parts of their car. And a serviceable flashlight build loyalty in them.
10. Notebook and Pen:
This can be an important freebie from an insurance company. You would need to write down specific directions, phone contacts, or other information at some point. Getting a pen and a notebook as a freebie from your insurance company would be a great idea. You can have them stored in your car for special occasions.
11. Pepper Spray:
Customers are a step safer from attackers when they get this from their insurers. It’s a great tool to distract any potential attackers. It fits into purses or pocket. You can also hide it in around your car in case. They can come in discreet styles, and any insurance company can make a unique design.
12. Personal Safety Alarm:
Insurers can offer free personal safety alarm product and installation. This is a great method to maximize your customer’s car safety. Insurance companies can limit this offer to those who buy particular car insurance. This form of incentive is a great way to attract more customers.
13. Canned instant tire inflator:
This is one emergency a driver could suffer from. Insurers can cut down the rate of this occurring when they offer instant tire inflators. It’s an incredible way to avoid expecting the arrival of maintenance or service. It’s also a very simple device to use.
14. Heavy-duty rope:
Insurers can help in getting stuck cars out of the road by giving a heavy-duty rope. When you have your car stuck in an unwanted area, and you need to tow it to the gas station, you can make use of this ripe. It could also come in handy for other unforeseen circumstance.
15. Tire Air Gauge:
If insurers could give out this piece of equipment, customers would love it. This is because it is very vital when emergencies arise in your tires. It is very important for preventive maintenance. A fully inflated tire not only enhances gas mileage, but it also cuts down the chances of tire explosions.
16. Giftcards:
Insurance companies can offer gift cards as Freebies. This could be useful for customers to take care of various needs. These offers would hold down existing customers. And they would also act as a bait for other potential customers.
17. Free MOT:
Here’s another wonderful freebie insurers can offer to its customers. It can help the general cost of running a car. The company Motor Quote offers a free Halfords MOT worth £54.95 when you buy a policy online. Kwik Fit Insurance also offers a free Kwik Fit MOT when you take out cover on its site. Elsewhere, Privilege and Hastings Direct offers a slightly less enticing voucher. The voucher is a half-price Halfords MOT service. They offer it when you buy any of their car policies.
18. Cleaning or safety voucher: Insurance companies can offer its customers one-time cleaning vouchers. This can be limited to customers who take out fire, burglary, car, and property insurance. The freebie could provide one-off cleaning or safety checks.
19. Free basic health checkup:
Insurance companies could give free basic health checkup. They could also give supplementary pills and tablets to customers. This freebie can be narrowed down to only those that take out health insurance policies. They could go further and offer free medical checkup to pets.
20. Tickets To Major Events:
Events like the Super, Grammy, Formula One, Bikers Annual Festival, Champions League final, World Boxing Champion title challenge bouts etc attract huge attendance and following. Insurance companies can give tickets to the events and watch how lovers of these events will show excitement at the news.
In conclusion, there are lots of ideas Insurance companies can choose from. When giving out freebies to their customer’s various choices can be selected. Whatever the choice is, it has to be relevant to the insurance policy they are taking out. The end goal is to get more clients and also keep old ones, and we believe these ideas listed above can do that. Take the initiative today as a firm and gain more loyal clients.

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