Smart Ways To Get Freebies Without Using Freebies Websites

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Freebies! Freebies! Freebies!

That’s how powerfully the word connects with our emotions when we see Freebies especially online where they abound .
This can make you forget that there are many freebies within your reach yet not online or on freebies websites.
We love freebies!
Have you ever been offered a free sample at a local shopping mall or an online site?I doubt if you hesitated before grabbing the opportunity.
After that opportunity , you are likely to become a regular at that shopping mall or online site.
In this post, I will share with you some smart ways to get freebies without using a freebie website.

What is a Freebie?

A freebie is a product or sample given free of charge. Freebies are products given by sellers to a limited amount of people.
The primary aim of sellers giving free samples is to promote their business. They use this method to rack in positive reviews to grow their brand name.
Examples of common freebies are: food freebies, free gift cards, cash gifts.

Why are you attracted to Freebies?

Freebies give away works because of the law of reciprocity. It is the principle we follow to repay a favour or kind gesture.
When you hear the word “FREE”, you are drawn to where that word came from. Our brain is wired to getting something at no cost or effort.
It has proven to be a reliable advertising tool, that why companies use it a lot.
Good freebies are irresistible. We all love free stuffs. We are sceptical about everything, so we want to try it ourselves.

Why do Companies give away freebies?


1. Build Brand Awareness

Free samples are used to promote awareness when a company launches a new product. Within this limited period of time, potential consumers test free samples of the product.
This creates loyalty amongst existing consumers and attracts potential consumers.

2. Freebies Grow their Client Base

Most companies have realized their free samples increase their client base. If consumers test a small sample of their product, they most times would come back.

3. Freebies allow Companies to collect Customer’s Information

Companies collect information of potential consumers. But, they let people know about this before registering for a free sample.

4. Freebies help customer make easy buying choices

Free samples help consumer’s make favourable buying choices. Consumers go through a buyer’s decision making process. They test a product for themselves and make a choice based on their experience.

How do you get Freebies?

Be it an online site or in a physical store, freebies are everywhere.
It is common to get freebies from your local shopping mall or supermarket.
With the rapid growth of the online world, freebie has become a norm for most online companies.
There are sites that offer free samples of product if you are sceptical about buying it. These sites are calledFREEBIE WEBSITE”.
However, there are ways of getting freebie without using freebie website. Developing a DIY attitude is the best way to get you freebie at your disposal.

What is a Freebie Website?

A freebie website is a site responsible for putting up free samples of product available in the market. Their job is to list different free samples offered by other companies.
They are not responsible for providing this product. They list the freebies and give directives on how to get them.
You may place a request for a freebie, never get it at all. Not all these sites are genuine, but there real ones amongst the lot.
Some freebies websites include:,
But, not all freebies website are genuine. Here are some problems of using freebie website.

How to Avoid Fraudulent Free Websites


1. Freebies should be free

You should not pay for a freebie. You should not have to give your card details out. The bigger the cash value of the freebie, the more likely they charges attached. You don’t also have to pay for delivery.

2. Look for Brand Recognition

Find out who is offering the freebie. Most freebies are affiliated to a company. Beware if your freebie is not affiliated to brand.
Scams can also involve special offers from independent programs who are not affiliated to any brand.

3. Avoid Spam Scams

Most want to collect your email address for spammers. Beware of this. These sites are easy to identify because of poor designs and no security. They consist of one form page showing a free product.

4. Keep hold of Sensitive Information

Do not enter sensitive details on any free website. You should provide an alternative email address if you have one. Separate your personal email from your marketing emails.

5. Get Freebies from Reliable Websites

Big companies like Amazon give away a lot of freebie. These companies want to you to try their products and hope you buy. When offered a freebie, confirm the company offering it.
Join freebies companies because people have open discussions about freebies and freebies scam.

6. Always have Doubt

If you see any lead on a freebie on any forum or site. Make sure you do your findings to confirm the credibility on that freebie. You don’t have to provide your card details or any personal details.
If you have doubt on any freebie, I advice you move on to the next freebie.
For the purpose of this article, here are some smart ways to get freebies without using freebie website.

Smart ways to get Freebies without using Freebie Website


1. From Local Stores or Shops

If you often patronize your local store in your community, you might be offered some freebie. Staying loyal to your local store qualifies you to get freebies when they are up for grabs.
Freebies may include free groceries, snacks, seasonal gifts and so much more.

2. Free Cosmetics

If you are an avid user of cosmetics products, this is common for ladies. You can get free beauty products if you are loyal to hair or make-up stylist.

3. Seasonal Freebies

Seasonal freebies are gotten from any brand you are loyal to. These freebies are given out during the yuletide period or any special season.
Christmas, Easter, or special seasons always come with lots of freebies.

4. Free maintenance

Some auto service companies offer free services. These services include service tests, alignments checks, brakes inspections, code retrieval, and more.
Before buying a car, consider the value of the free maintenance program offers by the automakers.

5. Free Shipping

Some companies like Amazon, Aliexpress offer free shipping to customers who buy from them.
But, this freebie depends on the type of product you buy, your demographic, and location.

6. Free Food at Restaurants

Your favorite eatery or fast food restaurant may have an annual freebie. Some may offer free food on special days.
Some eateries may even offer freebies when you make a certain amount of orders at a time.

7. Free Eyecare

There are health discounts plans that  come with  free eye care especially offered to their employees. For example NHS. 

8. Free Preventive Care

Various hospitals now offer preventive health care to individuals. Amongst the preventive care includes screening for covid-19, high blood pressure, diabetes etc.
Some companies give birthday freebies to their staff. Likewise, some eateries give registered customers free birthday gifts.
Cold stone ice-cream offers free ice-cream when you buy one you get one free.
By joining My Cold Stone Club you can get this freebie. You can also redeem your birthday coupon code for one cold stone signature ice cream.

10. Free Education.

There are opportunities for free education by government  and even offered by for-profit  institutions. For example, UK government  recently announced that  adults in England without A-levels will get free college course.
Some companies offer scholarship programs to students. This scholarship offered to college, university, and even grad students.
This is a great opportunity for students to leverage both internationally or locally.

11. Free Coupons

Companies give coupons to customers for products they buy or when you write to them. Lucky customers stand a chance to win prizes with those coupon codes.
Some of the companies include the following:
Farm rich
Horizon Organic
Bush’s  best
Bumble Bee Tuna
Alexis foods
King’s  Hawaiian
Angel soft
Hot Pockets
Mrs T
Land’s Lakes
Eggland’s  best
Celestial seasonings

12. Free Samples

You can qualify for free samples like mouthwash, cooking spices, toothpaste, food, and snacks.
Various manufacturers often add a small free sample of their product in a full packed sized product.
One of the best ways to get freebies from manufacturers is by sending complimentary notes. Word of mouth is a very powerful way to receive favor.

13. Free Concert and Performance

One of the ways to see live performances for free is volunteering as an usher at events.
Ask the organizer how to sign up and have the opportunity to attend live events for free.
Pregnant mothers who have spent a lot on hospital bills can qualify for a variety of free stuff.
You can score a freebie of diaper, wipes, formula, and other baby items from your doctors and hospitals.
Some companies also give away free baby stuff to expecting mothers who are loyal to their brand.

15. Free Calls and Text

Telecommunications companies offer free calls to frequent customers who meet certain requirements.
This freebie can be leveraged by anyone who has a registered mobile phone number.
They offer certain free call packages on occasion to their customers.
Likewise free text, some companies allow customers to send text for free.

16.Free Electronics

In some instances the free electronics are given by government to help improve the quality of life of its citizens while for most parts free electronics are offered by companies for reasons such as sales promotion or recycling purposes in order to meet legislation that mandates them to help reduce the impact of toxic electronic wastes.


You can get free stuffsnot only from online freebie website but from offline too.
Do not be blinded by the ubiquitous  messages of freebies popping up on your screen when surfing the internet.
In general, the best way to get free stuff is developing a DIY habit.

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