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Being a college student once,I know it requires spending a lot on items. I am not going to lie that every expense a college student spends is on academics.

So,you get me when the items range from study materials to items for everyday use and of course some cool gadgets .

A few times online,you immediately fall in love with those cool gadgets; like that ear-bud displayed on your Facebook page, but due to its cost, you ‘click’ away .

Albeit upset at the reality that it is down there on your priority list despite your strong desire to have it.That feeling is not cool at all but there is a way out and this post will rekindle your hope!

The good news is that being a college student offers you a ton of advantage to own various items you saw in the ad.

As a student, there are lots of perks such as freebies and discounts offered to you.

Many items which companies and various organizations offer for free are rather expensive. Electronic gadgets and other items tend to be expensive.

In truth, most average students cannot afford to buy many new and amazing gadgets. Yet students need to have these items not only for the trend of having them but for their academic pursuit.

The world is a global village already, and many things are made easy through these items. Many schools within and outside the country all make use of electronic gadgets.

A student who wants to stay up to date needs many of these items in his or her possession. Some top companies offer freebies to college students.Items include mobile phones, laptops, pads, modems, ear-pods, noise-cancelling headphones and more.

These offers are sometimes as a means to reduce the expenses incurred by students in college by the company offering the discount or freebies. Such promotions are used to draw students into their sales funnel. For example,insurance companies can use the promotion to capture the attention of students so they can later push their products such as Individual Retirement Plans to those students when they start working .

So while these can all come in handy to students. One thing to note is that most companies don’t give these items out completely free of charge.

But they do give it out on discounts or after completing contests and surveys.

Finding the best deals for you is the major trick. Below are the collection of some exclusive tech deals. This collection includes coupons and discount offers to all college students.


Best places to find freebie electronic gadgets for college students

  1. MacMall

    As a college student, you can pick up the full advantage of the education pricing of MacMall. When you make an order for Mac, a $100 gift card would be a part of your gift. You also get a MacBook Pro Sleeve from Soren and a SwissGear backpack. When you make a buy an iPad or iPhone, you will receive a Global Galaxy stereo. You will receive a gift card for, and Soren iPad sleeve. You can only enjoy this promo through Phone and retail stores.

  2. eBay

    This site is not only meant to use as an avenue to sell off your old or unused electronics to get free cash. You can also use it to get used electronics for amazing deals. You can use it to get new deals as well. They also have a money-back guarantee. This ensures that you can get back your money’s worth if you don’t like the product. You can make payment through Paypal. This will also guarantee extra product protection.

  3. Amazon Prime

    With Amazon prime, students have the chance to score free six months service. After the trial, you can save 50% off. The Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited program is an advantage that students can take up. Irrespective of age you can enjoy the service. With $9.99 monthly, you will have access to enjoy thousands of eBooks of all genre. This is a great offer to access college books and other reference books.

  4. Canon offers students a 10% discount

    This is a photography product producing company. They give students a 10% off on their products. As long as you possess an account on Unidays, you can access this offer. You get to explore various products eligible under this account. These products include printers, cameras, and lots more. To college students that love to take pictures, this should be the best opportunity for you to have.

All you ought to do is to sign in to your Unidays account. Then check for eligible products.

Once you have found a product, you like you can redeem the discount through your account. For a long time, Canon has been one of the best companies with amazing offers.

You can save a fair bit if you take full advantage of these offers. An example of these past offers by Canon includes the Canon all in one wireless printer.

This is sold for £26.99 and the Canon camera remote control went for £2.95 on the discount platform.

  1. Dell

    Dell products are one of the most common brands among college students. As a result of its affordable cost, is computers are fast becoming students’ choice. Most universities even recommend it. This is because their laptops and PCs are of great quality. Dell also gives special online offers to students. The products range offered All-in-One and Gaming. It also includes Mini and Gaming, Dell Desktops- Inspiron, Studio XPS,

  2. Staples

    At the Staples, everyone, including college students, can seize a freebie offer. This offer is a price match guarantee of 110% new back to school items. Staples are matching the lower price of the competitor, including an extra discount. Then they offer a difference of 10%.

  3. Microsoft

    For students, the computer tech giant is offering special pricing. This includes offers for educational use of college students and universities. These offer great deals all from the well-known Microsoft software. You can get the most current version of the windows operating system, and the Ms Office. To get these exclusive educational offers, visit the Microsoft store. Buy a Microsoft software from them and enjoy the freebie.

  4. Phillips

    A 15% discount is being offered to students by Phillips. With this amazing offer, students can also have 15% saved. These savings will come on purchases from Unidays with a student discount. All you should do is to sign in your Unidays account to be able to receive your unique discount code. When you checkout products on the company’s website, copy and paste it in the provided field. It’s no news that Phillips is one of the best brands around. They would even seem greater since they are offering a wide range of products to students.

Also, they are giving students a 15% discount through Unidays. Phillips has a wide range of products to offer.

This includes smart products for homes, televisions, cooking appliances, and lighting appliances. Grooming products, toothbrushes are also among the products to offer.

So when you’re on the lookout for electronics, Phillips remains a great place to checkout. Each of these products has a warranty of 2 years which assures you of quality and peace of mind.

  1. Samsung

    This popular tech giants are offering discount prices with Unidays account. It’s no news that Samsung is a huge and popular brand. You can assume that a very large number of students if not all students have heard about this brand. They have been around for years and rival with other top tech giants such as Apple. The products Samsung Galaxy mobile, including the tablet range.

Samsung is into the sales of a wide range of electronic appliances. This is such as computers, and its accessories.

There are also laptops, televisions, and other home appliances. This company is offering students pricing that is amazing through Unidays.

This is including 10% amazing discounts and bigger discounts on some products. Recent products offered by Samsung include Samsung Galaxy Buds with £40 off.

There is also the £14.99 Samsung Gear VR headset.

  1. Spotify

    Spotify is offering students a premium discount 50% off with NUS extra card. Known as a streaming service for music, you can listen to songs from your favourite artists. You can get a 15% discount off as a student with the NUS extra card Spotify premium. Without advertisements, this enables you to listen to several music tracks. Even on your smartphone, you can listen to the Spotify premium on the go. You should head over straight to the discount page to access you 50% off, provided you’re an NUS extra member.

  2. HP store student discount

    This is one of the tech giants in the computer world. They have recorded millions of products sold each year. HP Store offers students up to 30% discount via the HP Student Store with an email address that is valid. The HP student discount code isn’t required here. This is because there would be an automatic application to the offer. Recent offer includes 5% off tablets and 2-in-1 laptops, 8% off laptops & desktops.

  3. You love video games, but you’re not made of money. Lucky for you, game studios and subscription services offer a handful of free titles every month. Don’t miss out. Here’s what you can download in September.


There are several others who offer similar products. Some of these companies have restrictions and limitations, and others are more flexible.

These listed above are some of the easier options, and they have limited restrictions. It is wise through to go through all the companies and their terms and conditions.

Figure out what they want and what they do not want and ensure that you can meet it. Once you have found those you can apply for, then you can try to get them.

Your chances will be higher if you apply for more than one of these listed above.

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