How To Get Freebies and Free Samples

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How To Get Freebies and Free Samples!
To get freebies and Free Samples is not laborious.
Get The KNOWLEDGE OF WHERE THEY ARE and WHAT YOU MUST DO TO MEET the criteria for the free stuffs!
For me, no greater insights do you need more.
So to make your time here worthwhile, first, I will share with you THE KNOWLEDGE OF FINDING freebies and Free Samples then move on to share with you what you need to do to meet the CRITERIA for the free stuffs.
Here are things you can do to get free stuff.
1. Do an online search using keywords like Freebies, Free Samples and Free Stuffs.
This search may turn up links to popular online community market places where a generous amount of free stuffs are waiting to be claimed and shipped to you for free.
This may sound kind of weird, but hear me out here. From Facebook (to Reddit, these active online communities are useful for a lot of things, one of those being free stuff.
For example, Reddit has an entire subreddit dedicated to people posting links to free things on brands’ various websites while Twitter has special ad packages for organisations giving free stuffs away.
You should check out those free stuffs pages of those online communities daily, you will definitely find something you want to sign up for like every other day, sometimes even more.
Some people have the apps of some of these social media platforms for the main reason of getting free stuffs.
You can find advertisements for a wide variety of things people want to give away, such as furniture, appliances, moving boxes and plants
2. Sign up for loyalty programs or Product Study Group.
Sign up for rewards programs at your favorite businesses.
Many shopping marts offline and e-commerce websites including restaurants and retailers give members special perks.
I particularly love to monitor my loyalty credits and had once used it to cover the complete cost of my shopping at a Supermarket.
You could get free food, shipping, gift cards, merchandise, movie tickets and other freestuffs through loyalty program if you sign up.
Yet, some companies like to get feedbacks on their products so if you sign up to be part of a market study group for a product, you will be given free samples of the product while you in return will give your honest feedback on the free samples you used. Feedback from product study groups are not only valuable for sales promotion but used for Research and Development too;from the feedback,companies also identify areas of needs or experiences customers are yearning for but yet to be met.Incidentally,my first experience of this was in my teen years,during my leisure time watching that now old classic business film ‘Barbarians At The Gate’
3.Visit freestuffs websites
There are are many freestuffs websites out there(link up to where to find freestuffs online) Now if you don’t have an account with them, you can signup and request for notifications. From some of these websites, you also get important information especially on some other freebies and Free Samples.
For example, a visit to FreeStuffsNg can lead you to Bonanza for a freebie from their, your search can extend your interest into spiritual products such as Haunted Large Love Oil portion  ,written words instantly manifest into reality Djinn Binding spell etc which come as freebies.
4.Offline Phyiscal visit
Though most freebies and free samples are now made online, there are still companies or outlets that you may need to physically visit to authenticate that they have freestuffs or sign up.
For example, Wal-Mart has a register for babies and they ship baby freebies to your home. 
5. Ask around!
This shouldn’t be difficult because there’s probably someone within your circle of acquitances who is familiar with  birthday freebies and the only thing you have to do is ask!
Now if you still can’t find anyone to tell you of one nearby, I encourage you to ask from the official who attends to you when next you visit your favourite restaurant or supermarket or electronics store if they have special promotions as freebies or free samples to try out.
To meet the criteria for the freebies and free samples.
What you must do?
This is where differences exist. Even within same industry, there are multiple but different types of criteria.
For example, for the slot freebies, while some require you to register and complete certain tasks, some slot freebies don’t need you to register or/and complete tasks.
So your first task is to study the requirements and whatever condition is not clear, make an inquiry.
Remember, don’t give your banking details to any platform requesting it for freebie or free samples.
Birthday freebies?
To claim most birthday freebies require you to proof that the particular day is your birthday.
So a form of ID will be required, especially for those freebies that no previous signup is required.
Free Samples
This may take time especially if the free samples are expensive. Most companies like to give preference to their loyal customers and that’s very common especially in the video games category where loyal customers are given free games for new games even before their official release date.
Some freebies website require you to agree to fill online surveys and when you earn up to certain points, you receive free Samples which sometimes even come with freebies. Some free samples require you to use coupons that come with a purchase. So for every purchase, you earn certain points and once your aggregate points get to certain amount, you get free samples.
Free Access To Educational Materials in Libraries
Some libraries give library membership cards to you and in turn provide plenty of free educational and entertainment resources besides books.
With a valid library card, you could get access to movies, music, games, audio books, classes, museums and more. So find out the criteria for membership of the library club and apply soon enough before all the membership slots are taken.

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