How to get free stuff online without a credit card payment

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I love free stuffs. Everybody loves free stuffs too.

Even when I don’t need it, with a price tag saying FREE, it suddenly becomes irresistible.


Free stuffs cost us nothing and doesn’t increase our expenses and if you don’t like whatever is offered to you as free, you wasted nothing by trying it.

I notice that a lot of people enjoy going to Suya stands and ask for ‘tasting’ before committing to buy.

I recently went to a popular Suya stand around Polo Club in Ikoyi and while enjoying the free well pepper-garnished chunk, I had to keep watch on my car parked in the little space around it’s nearby bus stop so I can sight a LASTMA towing vehicle from afar soon enough to escape.

So I, of course, enjoyed every bit of the free ‘tasting’ delicious Suya despite the weird way I kept watching over my shoulder.

But free stuff online is just as pleasantly rewarding as free stuff in person.

It seems even easier during this covid-19 era of keeping safe considering you don’t have to deal with human to human interaction or leaving your house.

Unfortunately, the risk of getting scammed is now more as there can be a mix of fraudulent websites intertwined with the good, so it always smart to keep an extra attentive eye on the websites to spot anything that’s awkwardly and too good to be true, and some of them don’t require credit cards too.

For example this Gram free scam is a ploy to steal from using free stuff as a bait.

So the first rule is;

If it seems too good to be true, it probably is. Never feel obligated to continue with something if you question it’s legality or have doubts that it’s real.

Receiving few emails or broadcast SMS messages on your phone from a company after signing up for freebies is not unexpected.

However, once you start receiving thousands daily as the company spams your emails or/and SMS and then a phone call, there you have it;


Unfortunately, it happens.

So it will be safe to have a spare email account or phone number  exclusively for freebies so you don’t have to deal with the email/SMS notification alerts all day.

Freebies that require you to fill out a survey or claim a certain number of offers or asks you to play an online game to the end before getting the freebie are more than likely not legitimate.

Your email account will be spammed and sold to other companies who will do the same, if you gave them your phone number, prepare for unknown callers with the sole aim to scam you.

I have requested thousands of free samples and products online over the years. The most legit and effective ones are very straightforward on what information they need from you.

Including name, number, address, email and possibly a choice between what sample type you want if there are options to choose from.

For FreeStuffsNg, testimonial for free stuffs received is filled after receiving and using the free stuffs.

While some freebies websites may request for your debit or credit card information, I urge you to avoid giving them such vital details.

It’s not worth it to give a potential scammer access to all your savings just on the promise of a free stuff.

When you need to ship, either go for pay on delivery or pay to the shipping company.

I have never given my card details out to any free stuffs website, but if you have and it went well, please kindly comment in the comment section of this post.

There’s a secret to help you spot a secure website from a not secured one

If you look up at the URL bar, where the address of the website is located (easier if you are on a computer) you will see to the left of the address bar a lock symbol.

If the website has a lock up there, it’s secured for processing payment information.

Websites with ‘ http’ even if it’s not stating “not secure” must be completely avoided the moment you are requested to provide your banking details while those with ‘https’ are still fine to visit, just don’t give them your banking information too.

HTTP requests and responses are sent in plaintext, which means that anyone can read them. HTTPS corrects this problem by using TLS/SSL encryption.

Although the address bar lock symbol with https gives a measure of protection, I still caution against giving your bank details to a freebie website

So now, if you’re wondering;

“Where can I get free stuff online?”

This website shows a whole lot of free stuffs, perfect for finding free samples and other free things.

You are required to agree to give a testimonial and/or participate in survey before you can claim free stuffs on the website.

It was founded by Sunkanmi VAUGHAN and the website even include links to download his book ‘1000+ Practical Business Ideas and Directory of Money Sources‘ quick side hustle ideas to make extra money.

The mobile app version of the book comes with features that enable you estimate your business ideas chances of survival check after you do quick searches for business ideas that matches your choice.

You should try it out on Google play store. is one of the first freebie websites to take off in the UK, offering free samples, trials, prizes and coupons on the latest deals from hundreds of brands.

The new owner, Depak Taylor  founded both Latest Free Stuff UK and Latest Deals.

While this website has a lot of ads and a little more difficult to navigate, it also shows a lot of free stuff that you can get and the steps to getting them.

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