What is freebies Frenzy?

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It is true that when you and I hear the word “free”, so much excitement builds up in us. The knowledge that you can gain that item without cost to you is joyous. This is what we call freebies frenzy. Determined individuals search for freebies. When they find it, they get into a frenzied state!
Have you met someone who seemed to always know about every freebies in the market? I call them “deals hunters”. Or have you seen someone who always seems to be at the location where free things are available? If you don’t then you need one as a friend. I am one and have a few as friend. That feeling when you find and receive your freebies is almost heavenly. When you see first-hand the frenzy that freebies can cause,you will love ot experience it too someday. This feeling is be a good good feeling, especially for those who need the cost-saving option.
In this post, I will look share with you the various freebie options available. You will see what you can benefit from these freebies and how they can be gotten.

Types of Freebies that can send you into a frenzy

1. Coupons:
These are discount codes that can be used when carrying out an in-store or online shopping. With this offer code, you would be redirected to a retail affiliate website. At this website, you can redeem your coupons or view sales items. Coupon codes are of three types and they play similar roles. They are;
  • Get Code: An online discount used for checking out.
  • Click to Save: They are discounts code included in the same item already. You would need to click to save. It directs you the section of discounts on the retail website.
  • Printable Coupons: An in-store coupons that can be printed. They are then redeemed at the register check out.
2. Discount code:
These are the codes that are customized or released to the public. They are given to consumers as an incentive of buy. This discounts reduce the price you have to pay for an item and without it you pay full price for the item. These codes are most times used to attract shoppers. It also motivates consumers to come again.
3. Free shipping:
This implies that irrespective of the weight or size of your goods bought,you will not pay cost of shipping to you . It is a major marketing strategy used by retailers and general sellers. The goal is to attract buyers and potential buyers who worry about shipping costs. Note that free shipping options are never a quick way to receive products. It could take months or weeks for the products to get to you as opposed paid quick delivery.
4. Free downloads:
Free downloads are a freebie option whereby audio or video files are given to customers for free. Businesses use media features that take advantage of this strategy. Most sites set a fee for downloading audios or videos of their site but free downloads sites don’t. Site owners may offer a period of free download or just a limited version of the whole item.
5. 1+1 deals:
This is another marketing strategy and tactic used in amassing consumers. It is also an excellent system to keep existing customers patronizing your business. In a simple explanation, it means “buy one, get one for free, or buy two, and pay for the price of one single item bought”. This strategy is adopted by many retail stores, both online and offline.
6. Gift cards:
Known as a gift certificate in Northern America or gift token or voucher in the United Kingdom. It is a prepaid value money card which is issued by a retailer. It is used as an alternative in place of cash. You can use it to purchase items in a specific store or other businesses that are related. At times in organizations, they are given out as a reward and can contain any amount.
7. Gift boxes:
Wrapped with decorated paper, gift boxes are periodical and promotional fiber boards. They usually consist of a base with a lid that can be detached. Companies use them as a freebie option. Many baby product companies offer gift boxes to first time members. They contain a combination of products offered by the company. Most times these products are in sample sizes and not the full sized products.
8. Free trial:
This is a model of acquisition where items, services, or; product are offered to customers for free. These free items are limited to a certain period. Its purpose is to enable customers to learn about the product. Once they find out and like the product ,they can become loyal customers,even before paying for the item. It’s also a handy way to get products out to consumers.
9. Limited free training:
Companies offer training courses to a limited number of people. Most times, the first few people to sign up get this free training.
10. Cashback:
When you purchase an item, a certain percentage is given from the initial cost and paid back to you. Cashback means of receiving money back from the cost of items you have purchased. It’s just like a reward or incentive.
11. Sales and % off:
Companies set sales period where products are certain percentage off. Here,customers pay less than the actual price as less by a certain percentage of the actual price. In short,they pay less than 100% of the full price.
12. Freecycle:
This is an act of offering or giving out materials that are usable but not wanted. Instead of getting rid of them and playing a role in filling landfills of thrash, people give this item out. It is often referred to as Freecycling. Mostly, it’s associated with an online community or group that runs a mailing system. Here items are offered to its members, by other members. They are welcoming of exchanges made by existing and new members. The process is usually free from start to finish.
13. Free course and classes:
There are online and offline course or classes offered daily. To attract more people to this class, owners make use of periods of free classes and courses. There is always a registration process and a limitation for this offer.
14. Review samples:
Companies offer samples for free but with an end goal. They gather customers and make them try new products and leave feedback for each product. In return, these customers get free samples of the product.
15. Survey points:
Some sites offer surveys in return for points. These points when piled up can be used to redeem items available on an affiliate company’s site. The surveys are short and require honest answers about your opinion and your choices.
16. Welcome bonus:
This freebies is given to those who recently joined a website or company. It’s a one-time offer and vary in benefits and incentives. Sometimes they require you to make an action before receiving it.

Companies and businesses that offer freebies

Everyone just loves to get free stuff; it seems almost impossible to say no to something you are not paying for. But how often can you get such amazing deals? It seems almost impossible to find them, right? Wrong! Many sites offer regular freebies and freebies listing. You can check out our post ‘Best sites to find new freebies’. Here is a quick run-through of some of the best freebie sites available on the market.
1. Walmart: This company puts a smile on consumers’ faces. They give them regular offers of free samples and incredible deals. On your visit to their website, search for “Samples”. Here, consumers can make selections from loads of giveaways.
2. Procter and Gamble: You enjoy free products like Pampers and Gillette from this site. They also include other products on different occasions. As a consumer, you are allowed to sign up on their website to be offered free sample Products.
3. 7-eleven: Its certain Slurpee would not be forgotten so quickly. Some weeks ago, many grabbed this opportunity. The company launched and completed her free Slurpee. With over 4 million chilled drinks offered, customers were beyond happy.
4. Allure: A huge thanks to Allure for offering freebies such as M.A.C, Body cream, and other products. Visit Allure’s website, submit your data, and reply to certain questions. You will stand a chance of winning cost-free samples.
5. Target: You can access free samples from this company, provided you take an easy survey.
How to use freebies and other stuff
1.Inquire about the terms and conditions: Freebies can be exciting. However, before you opt-in for it, find out if you meet the specific requirements. Each has certain terms and conditions attached such. These terms can be how to claim an offer, duration of offer, how the products can be used and other limitations.
2. Confirm eligibility to take part in the freebie:
Depending on the community, eligibility requirements may differ. Requirements could be age, region or location, gender, and; other factors.
3.Accept only freebies you need:
Don’t take up a freebie because it is being given out. If you do not need for it, then leave it for those who might. This way, you don’t store up things without using them.
4.Tell others about the freebies:
Others just might need the freebie, so make sure to tell a friend about it. It also helps the companies giving out the freebies to get reviews on their product. Share their promo ad messages.

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