The Best Women’s Freebies

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Women are particularly interested in getting the best and freest products. Although,it is not easy and a regular event to find the best women’s freebies, it isn’t impossible to find!
You might be on the lookout for a fresh signature perfume. You could be looking out for a piece of shining jewelry that would match your new dress. Or it is a new makeup box that you need. Whatever it is you seek, you would be impressed with the list of available women’s freebies in this post.
From this compiled list, you won’t need to search for opportunities to grab the freebie of your taste. The offers are from fragrance samples to shampoos, moisturizers, care products, and more. This list has compiled the best products samples, which are free for women.

What freebies offers are available to women?

Both offline and online, there are more freebies for women than men and women sure have fun enjoying them. Many companies focused on female products. They are always willing to offer women samples for review and testing. Popular freebies for women are clothing, makeup, skincare, sanitary care, supplements, hair and beauty treatment, fashion accessories. Here is a run-down of freebies available to women;

Freebie options for women


1. Free period pack samples

Are you trying to decide the sanitary kit that would be the best fit for you? Are you switching up your sanitary kit to something of better standards? Or are you looking for free sanitary care kits? Whatever your need is, you can still get a period pack sample. All you need to do is give Bodyform a trial. To receive free samples, tap the claim offer when you visit their website. You should fill in your details for delivery, and these products would be sent to you.

2. ELF Cosmetics

OfferX is in search of people to test products by reviewing elf cosmetics. Vouchers would be sent to you to ensure the review is completed without you spending a penny. The products would be reviewed on its ease of application.
The offer is great as well because there is various makeup to select from. The incredible thing is that these offers are free, including elf skincare too.

3. RELOVE Pheromone Essential Oil Samples

This chosen fragrance helps in combining the scent of your body with essential oils. It builds an outstanding feminine scent that entices and grabs attention. The scent of the floral woody can be mysterious. It can be an inspiration to ignite a deep seduction. It can also increase your femininity and enhance your confidence.
This offer has a validity period. This period lasts while supplies are in progress because of its limited quantities. It can change or stop at any moment as a single product is meant for a single person.

4. Free flower bomb perfume samples

By filling a short form on their Facebook page, you are a step closer to receiving a free sample of the perfume. A flower bomb classic or dew 1.2ml. Ensure you do your registration to claim your legitimate offer.

5. Two free Yankee candles

Regardless of whom you are, your age, and; your size, it’s certain that you’re a lover of the Yankee candle. You may love it for different reasons. Either to help you in creating a beautiful fragrance in your home or to give you a chilling bath.
All thanks to this website for granting the access to test two of these items here. All you need to do is to register.

6. Mugler Angel perfume

Tons of free samples of Angel Mugler perfume are being given away. For you to access this offer, all you need to do is the following. First, you need to fill your details twice in the spaces or forms provided. Usually, you may get a response “out of stock” while registering for the first time.
When you fill in the second time, it will respond. While registering, you would be asked where you got informed about the offer.
Ensure to choose “word of mouth” when providing an answer to that particular question. If you do not stick to this, you might experience many difficulties in submitting your form.
In some instances, it may not even submit.

7. Gorgeous Perfume by RCW

This is a tribute to new feminity. It is a combination of grace that cannot be resisted, a spirit of independence, and; strength. This fragrance exemplifies the sweetness of beauty. This is because some of its content includes warm undertones and vanilla.
All you ought to complete is to fill out a form to be able to access these freebies.

8. Free bag from pink lady

Do you know that no matter how you might shop, you might be missing one thing? The cute Pink Lady bag for life! This community is offering tons of these items for free.
You don’t need to do much. Sign up for their newsletter. When you do this, you stand a chance to be randomly selected to receive one.
You will love to get in on Pink Lady’s newsletter action if you are a lover of the pink lady apples. It contains full recipes, news about their apples, and; competition.
Also, for signing up, 30 lucky winners would be given a chance to win a handy shopping bag.

9. Free Quirky T-shirt

Monthly Tee Club is giving away a sample of free T-shirts worth £9.99. All you need to do is to enter the freebie code, then you apply and continue by inputting your data. Also, note that there’s a subscription service that costs £1.99, which you can end at any time you wish to.

10. Free kukubird leggings

Are you a lover of leggings? If you are, you can apply now to become one of the kukubird ambassadors. You would be comfortable with the brand, once you’re a member of this club. You will be given a chance to try out fresh products and designs without you paying any amount.
These items are free, but a short video would be shown which you would share on social media with people. All you ought to do is to apply, click the button with “claim mine now” and fill in your details.
If your details are received, they will send a notification to you through your email.

11. Hilfiger Woman

When you enter your email on this page, you earn a bargain of Tommy Hilfiger. They have an ongoing flash sale up to 75% off for some of their fast selling products. The registration process only takes several seconds while the offer lasts for a few days. Hurry and sign up.
Join this community today, you would be among the first to know more about any flash sale from designers.

12. Free stunning Ladies watch

Available in rose gold and silver finish, Jewelry Bank has stunning watches. The excellent news is that they are offering you one for free.
What you’re required to do is to pay a small amount of p&p (postal and packaging).

13. Free diamonds and silver pendants

They are giving people a choice to own free sterling silver and original diamond pendant. These items are produced in Birmingham Jewelry Quarter, and they give away.
It is a one-time opportunity for you to select from two diamond hearts styles. The first is a lookalike of an illusion set in one carat.
While the second a pendant teardrop-like with a diamond at the centre.
These incredible offers are meant for a few, so hurry up to be one lucky winner.

14. Free 5mm Sterling Silver & CZ Heart Stud Earrings

Your Jewelry box might be missing something if this isn’t found in there, but it can all be yours. It is made with Zirconia crystals set in a classic stud mount with a butterfly back. These beautifully made sterling silver studs are perfect for you.
It was made in Birmingham from the world’s most popular Jewelry Quarter. These dazzling earrings are crafted by and created by the experienced artisans.
These artisans experience have been compiled over a hundred years. You don’t need any coupon code. Include it in your basket. Input your details and make a payment for postal and p&p (postage and packaging) charges.
You should submit your orders differently if you order more than once.

15. Free Uniqlo Clothing for women

This community offers 500 free clothing items a month to its members for free sampling. Run their app on your device and follow the instructions to stand a chance to be a winner of these free items.

16. Free Closely Underwear

With over 2,000 people needed, Closely, a brand new Swedish wear that produces female undies and sportswear, needs people to test their underwear for free. When you apply, you’re a step closer to testing their premium Products before they go public.


I know a few women who can’t wait to try this list. And I know a few caring men who won’t hesitate to share this info with wives, mothers,sisters and friends. So women freebies are not only for women! I know there are still few other women freebies websites out there, but here are the most accessible ones.
Enjoy the free stuff that comes your way and be sure to share these list with other females you know.

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