Pure Health Discounts Colloidal Silver

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Pure Health Discounts Colloidal Silver is the best Colloidal Silver product by far!
Pure Health company  has been selling health products since 1983. They also deal with dietary products online.
To its credit, Pure Health has supplied over 1,000 health retail stores in the country.
Government agencies have benefitted, and major corporations enjoy their products.
Universities are not left out in the benefits and care of the institute. It has also sold out to many consumers like you.

Pure Health Vs Fake Products

There have been challenges of online fraud in the health industry.
Before now, the sales of health products were safe.
Dietary products online had some form of security. That was when the introduction of the computer was new to most people.
But the situation became worse as time went on. There is now a huge number of people scattered everywhere who produce fake products.
They produce adulterated things in their homes, then fill and label bottles. These illicit traders brand capsules and sell them to innocent people online.
People buy their fake products for twice the original amount, yet they get zero benefits from them.
Pure Health has protected the integrity of the channels to access their whole products and services  including the Pure Health Colloidal Silver Discounts

How to Get Pure Health Colloidal Silver

For the dietary supplement Pure Health Colloidal, get the original from the Company.
Follow the rules below when you place orders online for the  Pure Health Colloidal Silver to avoid falling prey to online scams.
When you follow these legitimate channels,you are actually protecting your health and avoiding the death row if you had consumed anything other than the original.
In short, don’t place orders online without proper investigations!

Be vigilant!

It is easy for anyone to put up a professional website template then cut and paste their studies.
They can copy links to YouTube videos and understand  on their phoney site.
They can sound and look like experts and even get a list of products on Amazon and eBay.
Don’t  fall prey to them.

Check whether the seller has a phone number.

If  it is advertised on Amazon, you need to remember that Amazon does not allow a phone number display so adopt another layer of  scrutiny; carry out a desktop online  research on the Company’s name on the popular search engines.
Ask questions if you can’t find the person’s phone number. Pure Health Company has live customer service representatives use them instead. 

Research if the seller has other products.

There is no Health Company Store without varieties of products. It should be in a huge number.
Scammers with fake homemade products will have a limited number of products.
• Ask questions on how products are made.
This is very important especially if you are making an online order. Make thorough investigations. If it is not from Pure Health, it needs probing.

Make a research on the color of the Colloidal Silver.

• If you are told that it is over 250 PPM of silver, it is likely an A mineral blend may be higher in proportions.
• If the ingredients include “protein” or anything but water and silver it is a scam. Ingredient combinations could be fake.

Facts About Colloidal Silver

Colloidal silver and silver compounds have been said to exist for at least 2000 years. It has been the invention of modern drugs.
Colloidal silver is a commercial product. The term is used to describe tiny particles of silver suspended in a liquid.
These particles are not removed through a normal process as a result of their sizes.
There are different sizes of particles, and some are tiny. They are referred to as “nanoparticles” because they are less than 100 nm in size. 
Colloidal silver was a remedy referred to as the all-purpose remedy. It was for the treatment of varieties of infections before modern medicines.
With the start of technology, there was an advancement in its popularity. This is because it claims to have the ability to replace antibiotics.
It can also be used instead of medical therapies to treat all fungal infections.
It has the power to treat bacterial infections as well as viral infections.
Some people have claimed it can treat HIV/ AIDs. Others said it could heal both tuberculosis or Lyme diseases but you need to double check the crediblity of the source.
Colloidal silver can be used by applying it to the skin or on injuries. It could also be taken as a dietary supplement.
However, the healing depends on the amount of silver contained in it.
Colloidal silver has gone through to testing by researchers. The report is that it attaches to a protein on the cell walls of bacteria. It damages the cell membranes of the bacteria.

Colloidal Silver Benefits

• Colloidal Silver works by interfering in bacteria’s metabolic processes. It damages its DNA, and the cell dies as a result.
• Silver ions are from the silver particles. They originate when they come in contact with moisture, including body fluids.
• Silver ions are the biologically active part colloidal silver. They give the medicinal properties.
• It is effective in the treatment of wound dressing and is used for medical treatments.
• It treats acne.
• It helps to treat conjunctivitis in newborn babies.
• It does not pose threats of argyria if used topically.
• It is used in cosmetics

Colloidal Silver Discounts Offers

Get free bonuses with Colloidal Silver & Gold Orders.

Get a pre-filled dropper white chemical resistant bottle that will not leach.
You are eligible for a bottle of Colloidal Silver of 120ppm bottle.
You receive a pre-filled white chemical resistant bottle (this is not the leach dropper bottle) and you also get 100 ppm colloidal gold.
You get a small extra token of the Company’s appreciation when you buy 16 oz or 32 oz and 1-gallon sizes.
Get one gallon of Colloidal Silver 120ppm, this equals 4 gallons of 30ppm. You benefit pre-filled dropper bottle.
You are also entitled to Kennedy half a dollar Eisenhower’s coin. Retail Price: $239.00. Special discount sale: $77.14+ $8.17 S&H
5. Get free 120ppm Colloidal Silver is filled dropper bottle with gallon orders. You also get one free ounce dropper bottle pre-filled with 120ppm Colloidal Silver.
It comes with each ordered gallon. Ounce Blue Cobalt Dropper Bottle. Regular Price: $116.25. Discount Price: $71.70 + $7.61 S&H.

Jutrian Blue & Colloidal Silver

You are eligible to get 16 ounces of 120ppm Colloidal Silver. Equals a half-gallon of 30ppm. 90 to 180 Day Supply of Jutrian Blur. 8 Oz 35% Food Grade H2o2.
Half Ounce Blue Cobalt Dropper Bottle. 8 Oz Concentrated minerals & Amino Acids. Regular Price: $139.16. Discount Price: $74.01 + $7.61 S&H

Jutrian Brown & Colloidal Silver Order

You get six months of supply. You have the opportunity to receive 16 ounces of 120ppm Colloidal Silver.
You get half a gallon of 30ppm. You are supplied Jutrian Brown for 90 to 180 days. 8 Oz Concentrated minerals & amino acids. 8Oz 35% Food Grade H2o2 with1/2 Ounce Blue Cobalt dropper bottle. The normal rate: $105. Sale rate: $69 + $7 S&H.

Jutrian Green & Colloidal Silver

You enjoy a six months supply. You also get 16 ounces of 120 ppm Colloidal Silver.
This equals to 30ppm half a gallon. 90 to 180 Days Supply of Jutrian Green. 8 Oz 35% Food Grade H2o2. 8 Oz Concentrated minerals & Amino Acids.
DOUBLE IT TO ONE YEAR. Receive double your six month supply to 1 year. The one year SUPPLY covers. 120ppm Colloidal Silver in 32 ounces bottle. An Equal 30ppm gallon. 180 to 260 Days of Jutrian Green supply. 8 Oz 35% Food Grade H2o2 times 2. 8 Oz Minerals & Amino Acids times 2.
Real Blue Cobalt Dropper Bottle in half ounce. Regular Price: $210.38. Discount Price: 108.13 + $7.81 S&H.
If you decide to double your order to a year, you receive the biggest benefits!
Pure Health will give you a double of 6 months supply. You are eligible to a year saving!

There are other benefits you are given.

32 ounces of 120ppm Colloidal Silver. This is Equal to a 30ppm gallon. 180 to 260 Days Supply of Jutrian Green. 8 Oz 35% Food Grade H2o2 times 2. 8 Oz Minerals & Amino Acids times 2. Real Blue Cobalt Dropper Bottle in half ounce. Price: $229.66. Discount Price113.66 + $7.81 S&H.
DOUBLE IT TO ONE YEAR: You receive. Receive double your six month supply to 1 year – add’l savings! One year supply comes with the benefits of: 120ppm Colloidal Silver in 32 ounces. Equals a 30ppm gallon. 180 to 260 Days Supply of Jutrian Green. 8 Oz 35% Food Grade H2o2 times 2. 8 Oz Minerals & Amino Acids times 2. Real Blue Cobalt Dropper Bottle in 1/2 Ounce. Price: $241.81. Discount Price: Price: 117.97 + $7.81 S&H.

Guardian Of Eden’s

Rocket 88. 1 Quart/32 Oz – 200ppm Colloidal Silver. 72 Trace Minerals, Aminos & Fulvic Acid. A minimum of 100ppm Colloidal Silver & 100ppm Trace Minerals, Amino & Folic Acid).
Free USPS Priority Mail shipping at $43.00 .This particular choice is very limited in supply. Limited to 1 per customer/address.


Pure Health wants you to stay safe and healthy and they do this by producing great products.
Don’t patronize any brand you see online that claims to be it. Make orders from Pure Health Company directly, there are several customer representative.
You get many benefits and discounts when you order directly from Pure Health !
It is a name you can trust and with the right purchase you can enjoy better health. You can also make recommendations to those who might need it. Just direct them to the online site. All your orders will be sent at the right time.

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