Best platform to get free stuff online with no survey

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Sincerely, from the first day I discovered freebies website, it has been my burning desire to build my vocation around it.

My ‘once it’s free for me, then everyone must know’ philosophy has seen me sign up for every freebie website I come across, especially any one that serves my region.

As one who benefits from free stuffs, I equally made my book “1000+ Practical Business Ideas and Directory of Money Sources” free and till date, my best episodes of Dragons Den is the one where I watched Deepak pitch his free stuffs website on UK’s Dragons Den.

If you’re like me and interested in all free stuffs, here’s my best platform to get free stuffs online with no survey (I will include some honourable mentions):


This website is an improvement on most online free stuffs website. From reviews, most agree it’s yet early days for this platform and quantity of the free stuffs can be more.

However, the site shows a whole lot of quality free stuffs, perfect for finding free samples and other free things including online classes and courses.

No survey filling or credit card payment to receive free stuffs and you won’t have newsletter cramming up your inboxes.

To claim free stuffs on FreeStuffsNg, you are only required to agree to give a testimonial and/or participate in survey before you can claim free stuffs on the website.

It was founded by Sunkanmi VAUGHAN

Visitors and users alike, download his book “1000+ Practical Business Ideas and Directory of Money Sources” through the link provided on FreeStuffsNg.

This book has quick side hustle ideas one can use to make extra money.

The mobile app version of the book comes with features that enables you to do quick searches of business ideas and estimate the chances of survival of your business idea after you complete the quick search for business ideas that matches your choice.

You should try it out on Google play store.

In addition, FreeStuffsNg has a feedback section including a blog section to free stuffs, the site has REALLY helpful information.

I will give the website 10/10.

Honourable mentions?


There may be months where no free stuffs are available but the majority of months you will receive a large free sample box of free stuffs shipped straight to your mailbox.

So it is necessary to show up on the designated time and day to get them before the free stuffs run out .

PINCHme is a free sample platform that sends out a box of free samples each month full of customized free samples that matches your interests based on the profile you create while registering.

So be sure to answer all the questions when you register to increase your chances of getting the most free stuffs as possible.

Corporate organisations that donate products to PINCHme hope that you’ll try a free sample of their product and then go out and buy the full-sized one at the store or shop for it online.

Sometimes you’ll also find coupons in your PINCHme box to further encourage you.

Also, like FreeStuffsNg, you have the option of completing online tasks such as providing feedback on the free samples that you get and try.

Completing this feedback will increase your chances of getting more free samples in the future.


Influenster is regarded by most people as faithful freebie site. While they don’t have so much free stuffs, you surely get a really solid product or two every few months if you stay active on their site (mostly makeup related products, some others though).

Everything they send is full sized, and sometimes they’ll even send themed boxes with several full sized products in them.

I recommend Influenster any time and to all my friends anytime there’s a need to find a new product for something specific.

There’s an interactive feature, they just want a little social interaction, mainly reviews in return for the products. I will give  this site a 9/10 any day of the year.

Sample A Day

If you love free samples, this is a great website for you. Not just freebies for the US, they also have sections for samples in Canada, UK, and Australia.


Bonanza bonus tip: Get stuff for free!

Bonanza has tonnes of items and products you can get for absolutely free.It Sounds too true to believe, right?

Bonanza allows it’s merchants to offer freebies to their customers, and lots of their customers use such avenue to increase sales. While some freebies on Bonanza are truly 100% free with no strings attached, some are free only when you purchase a full-priced item. Either way, it’s pleasantly a safe way to cut down on your expenses, save funds and a sure fun treasure hunt on Bonanza.

If you want to get the full list of available freestuffs on Bonanza, use the “Browse Categories” menu at the top of any page and click on “Freebies.” “Freebies” is under the “More ways to shop” section. And if you find some freebies that a friend or relative might like, be sure to tell share the good news with them!

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