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Health is wealth is a very popular quote. But it is double portions of wealth if getting health puts real cash in your wallet as Palmetto health discount claim it does. I can’t agree less!
Good health is an asset we all need in life. Getting the best health care system for yourself and your loved ones can be challenging. There are so many persuasions and restrictions at the same.
Most times, getting the right health care plans can cost you a fortune. Most excellently-run hospitals charges are pricey for an average Joe.
Within the South Carolina region, hundreds, if not more, of people with poor health care will agree. Within this state, there is a way for the ordinary man to get the care he deserves.
In this post, that is where Palmetto Healthcare comes in.

What Is Palmetto Health Care?

Palmetto Health Care is established in the South Carolina Midlands region. It is a private, community health care company.
It has six other acute care hospitals and offers excellent health services. It is supported by a network of physicians with various expertise.
There are other advanced practice providers in the Palmetto Health- USC Medical Group. They also the 501 (c) (3) foundations.
Palmetto Health Care was established to create a friendly health structure. It delivers health care that is reliable and strong and open to all.
They aim at providing quality health within the South Carolina region. Its delivery of a good health care system caters to people at an affordable rate.
In November 2017, the Palmetto Health Care system merged with Prisma Health. They now the largest not-for-profit health organization within the region.
Prisma is now a part of the health companies. This is as directed by the Strategic Coordinating Organization. It was formed through a merge of the Palmetto Health and the Greenville Health System.
They are the most qualified health care system in the region. It seeks to speed the rate of good health care delivery and increase access to quality health care.
Their goal is also to improve patients’ health care experience. This is while addressing health care cost increase. They also provide health care treatment with advanced services.
Prisma Health areas of specialization
  • Breast care.
  • Behavioral care.
  • Bariatric care.
  • Cancer care.
  • Geriatrics.
  • Prisma Health also specializes in Heart and Vascular Care. This includes; the Advanced Heart Health Center and the Miland’s only LVAD program.
  • Musculoskeletal care.
  • Obstetrics, this includes; high-risk pregnancy and genetic counseling. It is also the area’s only two Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Units.
  • Neuroscience health care.
  • Orthopedics.
  • Pediatrics.
  • Surgery which includes the Midlands’ regions’ first da Vinci robotic surgical systems.
  • Trauma care. Which makes it the region’s only Level I trauma center and the first Level 2 pediatric trauma center.
  • Women’s care.
Currently, there are eight inpatient facilities. It has another 100 outpatient facilities and affiliated doctor offices through the Upstate.
This is to make health easy to access within South Carolina Midlands Region.
List of Inpatient Hospital Locations
  • Baptist Easley Hospital.
  • Greenville Memorial Hospital.
  • Hillcrest Hospital.
  • Laurens County Hospital.
  • North Greenville Hospital.
  • Oconee Memorial Hospital.
  • Patewood Hospital.
  • Prisma Health Care Discount.
Prisma Health provides a health facility. It includes;
  • Family Health Plan.
  • International Health Plan.
  • Family Health Insurance.
  • Parents’ Health Insurance.
To take part in these plans, you will need to pay. But the difference here is that these plans go at a much cheaper rate.
This affordability makes it a go-to spot for those with minimum wage and low health care budget.

1 .Prisma Family Health

It is done under the retail plan and is for families and individuals. It provides health care to students at pre-tertiary and tertiary institutions of learning.
This plan is in place to cater for the health of the students as well as families. It covers almost any medical expenses. This is while providing health benefits to afford good care.
You can get good care with this plan at an affordable rate. The plan is divided into;
  • School Plan.
  • Corporate plan.
  • Informal Sector Plan.
  • Senior Citizens plan.
  • Travel.
  • International Health.
  • Critical Wellness Plan.
The plan also covers any emergency health conditions. School management can go for it when they choose to offer student treatment benefits.

2. Critical Illness Plan

This plan caters to cancer treatment. They also provide cash benefits to patients. It pays for;
  • Cancer treatment.
  • Heart attack treatment.
  • Stroke treatment.
  • Major organ transplant.
  • End-stage renal failure cure.
The plan pays $30,000 to team members and spouses even when there no participation in the plan. It pays five years rate without conditions attached.

3. Corporate Plan

The plan is for the benefit of employees. Employees can enjoy:
  • Micro employees benefit.
  • Small employees benefit.
  • Medium employees benefit.
  • Large organizations benefit.
With the plan, employers can manage the medical budget of the organization.

4. Complimentary Notary Service

Notary public service is established to sign important documents. This plan is free for all Palmetto Credit Union members.
A notary member always witnesses the signing of the document. Note: To enjoy, bring proper identification when coming to sign the document.
This is to avoid delays.

5. Informal Plan

The plan provides health in the informal sector. It gives affordable access to quality health and is for associations. Others who enjoy this include;
  • Market people.
  • Small groups benefit through loans.
  • Artisans.
  • Communities.

6. Senior Citizens

This plan is for aged people above 60. It provides affordable and accessible healthcare.

7. Discount for National Emergency

They provide ways to assist team members when there is a national emergency. Vendors provide hotel rooms, and they provide Air B&B at a discount price.
Vendors available are Midlands, Upstate, and Peace of Mind Programs.

8. Prisma Health Family YMCA

YCMA provides more than gym services. When you register, you enjoy free childcare during work out. There are also group exercise classes.
You have access to their state-of-the-art-wellness equipment. You also have access to two pools throughout the year. Their list of services are:
Household Membership: One-time Joining Fee $69 or $84 per month.
Note: A household is two adults living in the same location. It also includes their dependents 26 years and younger.
Extra adults 27 and older can join the membership for an extra $15 per adult per month.
Adult with Dependent: One-time joining fee $69 or $69 per month.
Adult: One-time Joining Fee $59 or $64 per month.
Senior adult (65+): One-time joining fee $49 or $52 per month.
Young Adult (18-26): One-time joining fee $29 or $34 per month.
Teen (13-17): One-time joining fee $29 or $28 per month.

9. Child Care Needs

Midland Organization gives free child care to qualified essential workers.
Get the Department of Social Services’ support plus a sitter in seconds at WYNDY for your child.
You also get help at Bright Horizons Enhanced Family Support.

10. Palmetto Health Postage Stamp

Get a stamp at Palmetto Postage Stamp. It issues the U.S stamp with the same price at the post office.
Check teller to see different offers.

11. Students Loan

Prisma Health has a partnership with Fiducius. This is to provide loans for students. To enjoy this, join Healthcare colleagues.
These people save $811 from their monthly student loan payment. Fiducia is an expert in loan forgiveness and consolidation.
And they also help you control your loan. Join the Voluntary Loan Relief TM Benefit. Get help on student’s loan, and with the help of expert advisors, you can get your education financed.
It is catered for by a Customized Student Loan Financial Wellness Plan.
How to register for the loan
  • Log into the Myfiducius Portal.
  • Choose a Password.
  • Set up your account.
  • Make sure you complete your screening process.
  • Answer all the questions.
  • Learn your loan options.
  • Set a meeting date with your Advisor.
  • Schedule a phone consultation with an expert advisor on your results.
  • Learn about the next steps.
  • Do your profile update information.
  • Update your address and contact details.
  • Plan your virtual meeting.

12. School Discount

Prisma Health gives its employees 15% of their tuition fees. It is done through online programs at Southern Wesleyan University.
With the online program, Students can combine education with careers. They get financial help, but it is limited to students who follow the rules of application.
Note: Students who receive help from other sources such as;
  • VA benefit.
  • Military benefit.
State and Federal benefits may still qualify for 100% free on school expenses.
Rules for Qualifications for Loan and Financial Help
1. No scholarship offer for the Masters’ Education Program.
2. The Scholarship is for online programs.
3. You must meet all the criteria required to benefit the desired degree program.
4. Follow the policies of South Western University Graduate or Undergraduate Bulletin. It includes; class attendance, academic seriousness, and other policies.

13. Virtual Support

Virtual Health Doctors visit and treat outpatients for free. The test is conducted at home by the health worker representative. Other home services are provided.


Prisma Health Care has proved beyond doubts that it is up to standards. It has improved life and health in all cadres and society. It gives medical advice, poster stamp, and loans for education and children’s care.
The medical expenses are also catered for with free home medical services.
There is a huge team of dedicated and professional team workers who have the same goal.
They work in chain outlets to provide essential health needs for the community. No matter your location in South Carolina, take advantage of these benefits today.

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