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Novant Health is a non-profit company and an integrated health-care system. The system serves communities in Georgia, South Carolina, Virginia and North Carolina 
These health care consists of non-profit centres for surgeries and outpatient surgeries. It also includes medical plazas in the communities.
There are programs of rehabilitation, centres for image diagnosis, and health outreach.
The company has its headquarters in Winston Salem, the northern part of Carolina.
They commit to serving about 4 million patients each year.

How they operate?

The company has an integration of a network of physician clinics in four states.
There are over 2,500 physicians and more than 26,000 employees at Novant Health.
These hospitals and health-care centres are convenient for the communities.
They make health-care a remarkable one with close to 500 locations and 14 medical centres.
There are also over one hundred facilities for outpatient and physician clinics. And more than 4 million patients get treated yearly.


There’s also an affiliation with the University of Virginia Health System (UVA).
This is to ensure the remarkable health care gets to the Virginia State. Novant Health operations in Virginia include;
1. Novant Health Haymarket medical centre.
2. Novant Health Prince William Medical Center.
3. Novant Health Cancer Center. This centre will team up with UVA Culpeper hospital soon.
They will do this for the formulation of a fresh regional system of Health.
Financial helps rendered by Novant Health.
Novant provides high-quality care with dignity and respect to everyone.
Regardless of patients’ ability to pay, they make provisions for free care.
This is often referred to as free help. As it is with most of the financial programs, they have guidelines on how they help patients.
These guidelines make use of the level of income set every year by the Federal Government.
This way, they can redefine the concept of poverty.
They offer help to patients if the income of the household is under or at 300% of the federal poverty level.
Over 90% of patients not insured get coverage from Novant’s health financial program.
The remaining 10 per cent do not qualify because they have an income that is above guidelines.
Novant offers a discount on its bill, which is a managed contract care.
Patient in this category will pay less than what an average insurance company will.
Even if patients have health insurance, there are other benefits.
These benefits are to patients whose medical bill balance is above their means.
A counsellor of Novant Health examines patients’ conditions. This will help to find out if they are eligible for a discount on the balance that remains.
Otherwise, the program will grant a full write-off.
A report made in February 2010 by the North Carolina Justice, “How Charitable Are North Carolina Hospitals?” The Justice Center says that Novant Health retains a sound and a very clear charity care policy.
This is a recognition of the realities of modern family finances. The report from the Justice Center notes Novant for its vulnerability and responsibility.
This made their charity and programs of financial help available to the public.
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With Novant Health, life has is easier for its members. You get to enjoy a lot of amazing discounts.
And all you need to do is to register. Be certain to read over the fine print.

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