How to get Make-up Freebies

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Everyone is a beautiful creature ,each with our different look.
Apart from our natural beauty, most of us,particularly women, love and wear make-up. Why?
Make-up is a visible and safe enhancement tool for our natural outward beauty. When it comes free,it does not only “brighten the face”,it brings merry to the heart too!
Beauty enhancement is as old as freebies itself in human civilization. In the past, make-up consisted of ashes mixed with animal fat applied on the body to make skin and face glow. Later,cosmetics, powders and lipstick became part of makeup kits . And over time, a lot of innovation in the beauty industry created other products. Now, there are concealers, foundation, highlighters, blush, lip balm, eyeliners, eye shadows and others.
Of course,it now costs a fortune to get make ups and if you can get it free,why not take the opportunity!
Makeup for women.
Women are the soul of the makeup industry. Almost every woman use some form of make-up or the other; heavy or light. There are even makeup kits recommended for use during pregnancy
Some women use makeup to help hide scars and manage some diseases. As they get older, ladies may need to wear makeup for menopausal skin.
Some women who do not use make up do because they are yet to find the right one for them. Others don’t use makeup because of the cost attached to maintaining a make-up kit. And a few others don’t use for personal, religious or marital reasons. Getting your perfect blusher, foundation, or other make-up can be laborious and costly.
Some stores have provision for buyers to test beauty products until you get the one perfect for you. This is a form of freebies on its own and can help save funds. Women need time to find the right shade and make-up pattern for them. Having to test it in shops could be difficult for them.
With all this in mind, you might need to spend a lot buying various shades and colours. The good news is that there are tons of places offline and online where you can have these make-up boxes for free.
Available Make-up freebies
There are a good number of websites where you can receive free samples of Make-up. Below are the best compilation of make-up freebies.
1. Sephora
This online community is known for its popular cosmetic brand. And they actually understand a lot about make-up. They offer free product samples to members. They have a quick, and simple registration process. Once you’ve completed it on their website, you can select up to three free samples. This freebie is valid for all their products, and you can get it each time you buy any of their products online. Their products include face cleansers and perfume.
2. L’Oreal
The company is a giant in the multi-billion dollars cosmetics industry. As a make-up fan, you have the opportunity to become a member of the consumer participation panel. It is tough to get this position, when you get it,L’Oreal offers you unrestricted access to their products. When you are through with the registration process, they will send an invitation. This invitation is sent to members for an on-site event. At the event, you can get,test and keep outstanding make-up products. What makes them amazing is for those unavailable to be present in person, you can get still get yours in the mail! Note that you cannot select products you have previously tested. But you get to try out new hair and beauty products for free.
3. Smashbox
Being a new company, Smashbox is an alternative for active and new cosmetic products. The site makes provision for many samples of affordable beauty products. These products are either subsidized or given for free. Some samples include make-up toolbox, eye shadow duos, and moisturizers.
4. Product testing
This company sends an invitation to the public, inviting them to become reviewers. Once you sign up on their website, you get free samples of several new products. Note that they will use your reviews for studying consumers feedback on the product. During registration,they will test your knowledge and personal opinions on cosmetic products. Once you choose the product you like to review, you will be sent a free sample.
There’s nothing as exciting as an opportunity to receive daily free makeup samples and does that! They send you free sample offers by email every day. Once you complete the online registration, you become qualified to receive free products. As a registered member, you will receive their emails of freebies offers daily. These emails will contain information on cosmetic news, free make-up samples, and reviews. You can also find other freebies and great deals on their homepage.
6. Redbookmag
Rebook, a well-known online magazine sends invitations to readers to join Club Red. This club makes you eligible to receive free samples. These samples are to be reviewed for study purposes. Membership of Redbookmag gives you a chance to attend events organized by them. At these events, you stand a chance to win other cosmetic prizes. Once you log into their site, you will be sent to a questionnaire page. You will be asked to answer personal questions on your lifestyle and interests. After this you can click a button to get your free stuff, this will be sent to your mailing address. You also enjoy regular offers and sample products.
7. Glamour beauty
As the name implies, it’s indeed beautiful at Glamour Magazine’s Beauty Club. They offer exclusive free samples of their products to their members. These offers are available to members throughout the globe. To become a registered member, you would have to complete quite a long questionnaire. But it is worth every minute spent. In this survey, to would-be asked what your preference is. Once you have registered, you will be eligible to sign-in to the panelist platform. This is where every upcoming freebie can be seen. You can also decide to partake in surveys to earn rewards and prizes. You will also get the option to sign up for mail sent samples of free products.
8. StyleCraze
This is the home of beauty. Their website covers the wellness of women, beauty, and good living. StyleCraze offers opportunities for its member to win free make-up samples. To be eligible for all their beauty tools, you need to register. Once you sign up and accept an offer of a free sample,you will get the freebie sent to you by mail. During your registration, you get rewards for uploading your profile.
9. Influenster
Among others, this is one of the simple and easy to use freebies website. To become a member and get freebies is not laborous. While registering, you will need to verify your mail address. Once they have completed it, you will receive their newsletter, invitations and more. They also have an online magazine with various tips and articles on beauty and products.
10. InStyle Trendsetters
This is a beauty community founded on a survey like others. Members take surveys, and once completed, they are eligible for prize draws. They also stand a chance to win a complete pack of beauty-related prizes. When you register, and you become a panelist, you are eligible to get free testing samples. Your reviews are used for product study and improvement. In Style, Trendsetters is limited to certain countries. Columbia, USA and a few others.
11. Allure beauty
This is an online beauty community based on opinion. This site rewards its members with freebies and prizes when they fill out surveys. There are variations in the length of surveys. The survey questions are on make-up, and beauty products. Allure offers its members the opportunity to be part of events and programs. The site is limited to people living in the US.
12. Everyday Minerals
This is an amazing website! They provide users with opportunities to try out five-custom eye shadows. Users will have to pay for the brush, and cost of shipping. The website promotion is not as straight as you may expect so new members should be aware of this. You could end up buying the product because all selected items go straight to the cart. You ought to be certain that you are taking the free samples.
13. Nykaa
Founded in 2012, Nykaa is a beauty based website. Here women can go shopping for beauty products, fashion, and health products. Since its start, it’s been a destination for those searching for beauty products. All their users have opportunities to test their products and give their opinion. You will share your opinion on their website for everyone to see. When you sign up for their newsletter, you receive updates and deals on beauty products.
There is a lot to think of when it comes to beauty care and products so it will be great to take away paying for them. Even makeups with low standard or quality still costs you lots; stress to find it and find out if it is perfect for you. So if you will love to enjoy good quality products without having to spend on it, freebies are the best. There are several freebies out there.
These ones I listed above are among those I recommend and I have found to be trusted and tested. Their products are safe, and the quality is good. With a click, registration, and honest opinion, you can get quality products free. You can register to two or more of the companies listed and get your make-up kit filled with free goods.

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