How To Get Auto Insurance Discount For Disabled

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As one with disability, getting an auto insurance discount for the disabled is possible. In this post,I will explain how to get it.

First, you need to understand that living with a disability isn’t a pathway to getting auto insurance discount. Your disability can affect the cost of your insurance premium.

But this is not also a means of getting your rates hiked up by your insurer. It is illegal for an insurer to charge a higher rate for a disability.

But, it is not advisable to seek auto insurance discount. But rather seeking cheaper rates by shopping around.

Most car insurance companies do not offer auto insurance discount for disabled. Drivers with disability often seek out discounts on their existing coverage.

Most insurers do not offer special discounts for disabled. But rather offered unique coverage due to modifications in their vehicles.

Drivers who make modifications to their cars can attract higher rates. Most insurers have special rules for custom equipment.

Disabled drivers and passengers may include individuals with certain medical conditions;

These conditions may include:

· Epilepsy

· Hearing and vision loss

· Stroke

· Amputee

· Cerebral palsy

· Neurological conditions

· Wheelchair use

Living with a disability or physical handicap doesn’t mean a driver is more at risk for an accident.

But, there are some medical conditions that are driving impairments. These can affect safety and need medical approval to be on the road.

Yet, there are certain cost factors for drivers and passengers with disability.

Insurance companies may charge higher rates for disabled drivers and passengers if:

· Their medical conditions are considered as a safety risk

· They are insuring mobility-enhanced or disability-adapted vehicles.

But, you might need extra coverage for vehicles modifications related to your disability.

How does car insurance differ with disability?

Not every disability is safety risk for your carrier. Your disability may affect your insurance rate if it affects your driving. A few situations considered when getting insured with a disability are:

· Medical approval for driving

Sometimes, an individual with disability might not drive as instructed. But, this decision is not up to the insurance company.

It is not the job of your insurance company to tell you not to drive. The decision is for your Department of motor vehicles (DMV) to take.

Depending on your disability, this department may need written medical approval. This is to verify that you are safe to drive. This is then added to your license.

· Not all disability affects driving

For example, an individual making use of a cane or walker might is free to be behind the wheels.

While an individual with poor sight or vision loss would not.

· Disability that affects safety

Insurers cannot discriminate based on disability, but can raise rates for safety risk. For example, a driver with epilepsy or frequent fainting spells can pose a safety risk on the road.

Even with medical approval, the high risk of damage attracts increased rates.

· Extra Coverage

Custom equipment, vehicle modification warrant extra coverage. If you are first learning to drive with a disability, an extra protection is necessary.

Roadside help, medical payment coverage can serve as an extra protection.

Car insurance for disability-adapted vehicles

Drivers and passengers with disability often face higher car insurance rates. This is due to special vehicle modifications that raise their insurance rates.

Vehicles such as wheelchair accessible van can command a high cost of insurance.

Your insurance companies should be able to provide reasonable quotes for these vehicles.

It is but advisable that you disclose any car modifications to your insurer. This is necessary to avoid losing your coverage when filing a claim.

But, you will need to make sure that your insurer understands that the modification is for ease of use. Some insurers may think you want to enhance your car’s performance.

Some carriers will mark your car marked as modified and assume the worst. All it takes is a phone call to make your insurer understand the nature of your car.

Disclosing your car modification can also help in any case if an accident occurs.

This ensures that your custom equipment are repaired and replaced following an accident.

Some common disability-adapted equipment for drivers and passengers may include:

· Hand controls

· Steering devices

· Automatic doors

· Wheelchair ramps

· Adjustable seats

· Special mirrors

· Power seats

· Parking brakes

· Key less ignition

Coverage for Disabled drivers and Passengers

If you are a disabled driver or passenger, you might consider seeking for extra coverage. This coverage can cover disability and protect you in event of an accident.

This coverage may include roadside help, mobility car insurance and more.

A standard full coverage car insurance policy includes the following coverage:

· Personal liability reimburses injuries or damages to other drivers and their property

· Collision and comprehensive covers vehicle damage

· Uninsured motorist reimburses you for damages in an accident with uninsured individuals.

· Personal injury protection (PIP) covers the cost of damages to you in an accident.

Some extra coverage that may be valuable to a disabled driver or passenger may include:

· Roadside help coverage offers towing services, pick-up or help after accident.

· Special equipment coverage pays for damage to a custom part installed in your car.

· Mobility car insurance pays the cost of temporary movement if you had an accident.

Can Insurers Discriminate?

Often times, drivers and passengers with disabilities are discriminated aganst because of their conditions.

It is important that you know your rights to protect yourself from this. Insurers are not allow to discriminate but can do this on personal judgement.

There are agencies put in place to protect the rights of drivers living with disability.

A popular agency that performs this duty is the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The primary aim is to prevent insurers from charging higher rates to drivers.

There are also other federal agencies that prevent companies from rejecting customers. Based on their gender, religion, race and disabilities.

If you are looking to get car insurance discounts for disabled, then you might end up with empty-hands.

People with disability are ordinary customers to most insurers. Thus, they are not offered any special discounts.

Many factors considered when calculating insurance rates. But disability cannot be one of them. Insurance rates calculated based the following factors are:

· Age

· Gender

· Credit score

· Driving history

· Vehicle type

How to find cheap car insurance for disabled drivers and passengers

The best way to find cheap coverage for your vehicle is by shopping around. Insurance premiums vary across several companies and are most times not the same. So comparing quotes amongst various companies is a critical first step.

Disabled drivers and passengers may consider the following options for cheap coverage:

1. Search for Discounts

Insurance companies offer many discount options for which you may qualify for. Some examples may include homeowner discounts, low mileage, senior driver and more.

These discounts may include:

· Good Driver Discount

A good driver discount can help a driver save tons of cash to be able to afford other premiums. This can help fund coverage for custom equipment in your car.

But, this discount is earned after five years of clean driving record and no violations.

So if you are driver who has been driving for a period of five years or more and unfortunately became disabled. You qualify to ask for a good driver’s discount.

This discount is sometimes broken into two:

· Accident-free discount

· Violation-free discount

A driver can yet, have the two separate discounts. But, if a driver’s record is less than perfect, time and careful driving is the key.

· Homeowner Discount

Disabled drivers who are homeowners are eligible for this discount.

You can request for it even if you were not a homeowner at the time you bought your car insurance coverage.

The discount would be added once you show proof that you an owner of your own home.

· Multi-Car Discounts

When insuring many cars a time, your insurer might end up offering you a lower quote.

To get this discount, there must be a blood relation amongst drivers or they live together.

Insurers will offer bulk rates to you because they are looking for deals like yours.

· Good Student Discount

Disabled students but get good grades and are eligible to drive can get this discount. Due to inexperience, young drivers often pay higher rates.

But, this discount does not apply to students who are far away from their schools. They pose a higher safety risk to insurers. Some companies may provide least distance for students to qualify for this discount.

· Bundling / Multi-policy Discount

Customers with many assets to insurer can save on the cost by using the same company.

This is often the type of deal that insurers are looking for. They offer between 5% to 25% discount on total auto insurance premium.

· Loyalty Discount

Insurers strive to keep business by offering discounts to faithful customers. Some insurers reward customers who have stayed with them for a long time.

This discount does not come as the usual percentage reduction, but can be rewarding on the long run.

Yet, it is important to still shop around for better rates if pricing is important to you.

· Vehicle Car Insurance Discount

Certain gadgets such as anti-theft device, VIN stitching or anti-lock brakes, qualify you.

These additions can prevent certain damages and provide comfort for your insurance. Insurance companies offer 5% to 15% discount.

2. Opt for usage-based insurance policy

These policies use data transmitted from car to charge rates based on your mileage. It also charge rates based on your driving habits.It is also known as pay-as-you-go insurance.

By signing up, you let your insurer track you driving through telemetric device. You get discounts based on how you drive, when you drive and how well you drive.

3. Exclude yourself from the policy

If you are a disabled passenger and you do not plan to drive, you can exclude yourself from the policy. You can list another driver as the named insured.

This means that you do not have insurance coverage but the holder may receive lower rates.

4. Shop Around for Better Premium

You can shop around for better rates from competing companies and compare with yours. You can consider this if your premium is about to get renewed.

Your current carrier might not have the best rate for your custom vehicle needs.
Ask friends and relatives for recommendations, run proper checks on an insurance company.

The financial strength of your carrier is important for your security and peace of mind.

5. Lower coverage where possible

It is necessary to take off unimportant coverage to lower rates whenever you can. A premium such as rental car reimbursement if you have many cars to use can be avoided.

But, consider keeping a wide coverage for physical damage if you have a modified vehicle.

How do I update my car insurance after a disability?

But, it is not all drivers or passengers that were born with a disability. Most people with disability got their car insurance before their disability.

You can update your car insurance through the following steps:

· Call or visit your insurance company and inform them about your condition.

· Inform them on how it affects your driving

· Provide medical approval or any important document to prove your driving ability.

· Add or delete coverage through the company’s representative.

· Get quotes from many providers and compare the best quotes available.

· Save updates to your current policy, or complete coverage details to start a new policy.

Bottom line

No insurance company is allowed to increase your rates for disability. But you can find them raised due to your custom made car and wider coverage needs.

Yet, compare many car insurance providers to make sure you get the best deals.


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