Great Deals For The 3 Best Water Pills For Weight Loss

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Getting over the counter water pill without discount can in the long run create a hole in your wallet. This ‘hole’ may widen if the prices of these pills go up. Now is the best time to cut down your expenses on them while still enjoying the benefits of the water pills.
I will share links to those great deals on water pills in this post but first,let’s know more about the OTC water pills.
Water Pills, also referred to as diuretics, are most commonly used to treat cardiovascular problems like high blood pressure and also lung disorders.
Diuretics or Water pills are used to remove excess water and salt from the body through your urine.
But wait, I know many of us believe water is always good for the body. Well,if you are one,you are not wrong,it is just that there is an amount of water the body needs to function optimally. So,like everything in life itself,moderation is key. Some people may suffer from conditions where the body may have a hard time regulating the amount of water in some parts of their body. The most often common parts this affects are the legs and foot
This condition is known as edema, a situation where you experience bloating or swelling, edema occurs as a result of build up of fluids in your body and the way to reduce this is by diuretics or taking water pills
Note: Women, do not mistake this bloating or swelling for the one you experience during your menstruation, or as a premenstrual symptom, edema is completely different and unrelated to that.

Can You Really Use Water Pills for Weight Loss?

Like anti-obesity medications, water pills are designed to help you remove excess water weight in your body, because one of the main factors of weight gain is high sodium levels caused by eating lots of salt
High Sodium Levels (bold) in the form of excess salts causes your body to retain more water which accumulates as water weight overtime. Also high salt diets according to studies proves there’s a link to body fat especially the fat that stores around your waist line.
Water Weight is the accumulated weight from water and fats caused by high sodium levels in the body.

So what does Water Pills do for you?

It forces your kidney to eliminate the water and salts when you urinate, so you can see diuretics as the detoxification of the kidney for weight loss.

How Fast do Water Pills Work?

According to a Water Pill Experiment carried out by Dr Oz on two of his viewers whom he instructed to buy over the counter water pills and use according to instructions on the pack for 3 days, they both claimed to have lost 3-4 pounds within 3 days
Although they both admitted that, they were disappointed at how quick they gained the lost pound back immediately they stopped using the pills, so it’s conclusive to say that, indeed water pills do help you weight fast but the results may not be permanent
So in order to lose weight effectively using water pills, here’s a suggestion
1. Reduce your salt intake
2. Adjust your diet
3. Use a fat burner and or appetite suppressant pill like phenq along with the water pill
Best Water Pills to Lose Weight Fast
We have established that water pills can really help you lose weight fast and we also concluded that to gain permanent results they out to be used with conventional weight loss pills like fat burners and appetite suppressants while also adjusting diet and performing other weight loss plans
Now, let’s look at some of the best water pills you can add to your weight loss arsenal
Water Off – The Best Over the Counter Water Pill For Weight Loss (Product has been discontinued)
The # 1 Natural Water Pill to temporarily remove excess water to help
1. Tone your muscles
2. Improve your vascular health
3. Reduce your body water weight
Water off pill supports the natural removal of excess salt and water caused by high sodium levels and contains a powerful dose of vitamin B6 to help counter the effects of dehydration and skin dryness
It is formulated using clinically proven natural ingredients in the USA, using FDA approved facility that follows the cGMP rules for manufacturing real life drugs.

Why use Water Off Pill?

To reduce water retention that causes bloating or swelling with the power of dandelion root and vitamin B6.
To reduce your body weight by removing excess water, majority of the body is made up of water, excess water can lead to daily weight accumulation, so using water off can help reduce these weight build ups
To reduce excess water caught up between the skin and muscle fiber that causes bloating and puffiness to give your muscle a more toned look

What makes Water Off the best OTC for weight loss?

Water Off is formulated with natural ingredients as seen on Fox News Publication in January 2015 and in Havard Medical School Publication July 2008 and WebMD March 6, 2016 publication on Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database Consumer Version.
But let’s look at 5 key ingredients that makes it work so well
Vitamin B6, proven to remove excess water temporarily, most especially in women as it helps regulate hormonal balance. It is also good for the eyes, cardiovascular and urinary system
Buchu Extract, historically used to treat inflammations, kidney and urinary tract infections, it’s also used as a diurectic to flush out excess water and salt levels
Green Tea Leaf, full of antioxidants that can support a healthy urinary system. Studies also show that green tea can help burn fat, especially stubborn belly fats because of the catechins present in it which helps the body metabolize body fat more quickly
Dandelion, a powerful diuretic herb that contains potent antioxidants that may fight inflammation, control blood sugar levels, lower blood pressure, reduce cholesterol, promote healthy liver and support weight loss
Juniper Berry Extract, a powerful diuretic used because it eliminates water weight causing temporary weight loss, it can also help the skin remain supple by acting as a natural skin toner to reduce blemishes so you don’t have to be scared about pale skin from dehydration
What I don’t like about Water Off
Honestly, I really can’t point to anything wrong with this water pill, just seems to me as the perfect blend of diuretics and vitamins to help you lose weight temporarily without leaving you dehydrated.
If used with other weight loss plan it would go a long way to helping you lose weight fast and permanently
1. Formulated using natural ingredients extracted from herbs, so nasty side effects
2. Also contains vitamins to help reduce the effects of loss of nutrients or dehydration from using such powerful diuretics
3. If added to your weight loss arsenal and plan, it will help you achieve your weight loss goals faster
1. Only helps you lose weight temporarily, once you stop using, you can gain the weight back easily
Water Away Best OTC Diuretic for Edema(H3)
Another top Water Pill made using premium ingredients similar to that of the Water Off Pill just reviewed above. Water Away is made by Natures Craft and is a 60 capsules dietary supplement formulated to help you
· Relieve Water Retention
· Alleviate Bloating
· Support Water Weight Loss
Best otc water pill to help release water retention from legs and feet. You can literally stop bloating within hours of taking your first capsule
Why should you consider Water Away Supplement?
If you want to Reduce Water Retention, the dandelion leaf present in this supplement will help you reduce bloating and swelling by reducing excess water in your body thereby increasing your energy
Will help you Feel Light Faster, the potassium and chloride combination in it’s formula will encourage urination to remove water from your body, this also helps you get rid of fatigue, boosts your energy levels, rebalance your body fluid level and reduce excess sodium levels
To Lose Weight, the main reason you are considering using a water pill in the first place is to lose weight, apart from the water retention removal properties of water away, the green leaf in the formula will help boost your metabolism, suppress your appetite in the process help you burn belly fat. So get that desired slim lean body, feel healthy and energetic all day everyday
You want a 100% Natural Product, Water Away is formulated using raw herbal extracts which have been clinically proven to have both water retention removal and weight loss benefits.
An American Brand You Can Trust, Water Away is produced using GMP certified methods and approved facilities in the USA. 100% cruelty free and Non-GMO. Also made in easy to swallow capsules
What i do not like about Water Away?
An 100% natural great product, but in no way different from Water Off, so it would come down to a matter of personal preference choosing between both of them, although i would go with Water Off
· Comes in both 60 and 90 capsules so you could get a better bargain choosing Water Away
· User reviews claim that Water Away is the non prescription water pill for weight loss
· May not guarantee permanent result once you stop taking it
Diurex Herbal Water Pill for Weight Loss
An effective everyday gentle diuretic drug free water relief supplement to help you feel better and less heavy
Diurex Herbal Water Pills Reviews
Duirex herbal water pill is formulated specifically to help you eliminate unwanted water retention caused by foods, medication, hormonal changes and mild edema. Has almost the same ingredients as the other two water pills reviewed already. So you get
2. 10 natural diuretics
3. No chemicals added
4. Fluid balancing properties
Diurex has several versions which according to user review claim work better than this herbal version. They include
· Diurex Ultra Re-Energizing Water Pills
· Diurex Aquagels – Caffiene Free Diuretic Immediate Release
· Diurex Max Water Pills – Maximum Strength Caffiene Free Diuretic
But our focus is on the Diurex Herbal Water Pill because we are all about herbal remedies, so if you are doing most things right to get rid of water weight like reducing salty foods, and you still keep retaining water which causes bloating and swelling, using a water pill like Diurex herbal water pills may be your best bet to get relief without any side effects
What I don’t like about Diurex Herbal Water Pills
Great product, nothing negative really about it, but maybe it has half the quantity of the other two pills, diurex comes in 30 capsules as opposed to 60 capsules for Water Away and Water Off
Less quantity and price for a test run
May not guarantee permanent results
Are there any Side Effects from using Water Pills?
According to the experiment done by Dr Oz on two of his viewers, they reported experiencing the following side effects
· Headaches
· Dehydration
· Pale Skin
All of these effects are obvious due to the function of water pills, but to counteract this issues, Water Off & Water Away include vitamin B6 and Potassium to help reduce these side effects
How to Lose Water? Weight
To lose water weight is not the same as losing body fat, if you are here to lose body fat, you are reading the wrong article, although you could add this to your other weight loss effort to lose both body weight and water weight
Now what do you need to do to lose water weight?
1. Cardio, 30 minutes of cardio, especially before breakfast is a great way to sweat out body weight and burn body fat
2. Sitting in the Sauna, sit in the sauna and circle your rounds, chances are if you are new to the sauna, you are not really going to be able to sit in the hot sauna for longer than 15 mins, so if you are really trying to lose water weight spend at least an hour in the sauna, that would be 4 rounds of 15 mins
3. Wearing Sweatsuits, this will get you sweaty enough during your regular workout such as weight training and also during your cardio workout
4. Reduce your sodium level, this is key because usually nutrition plays a much bigger impact on your body than working out does. Sodium obviously is salt, when people are told reduce your sodium level, they start salting their foods and continue to eat processed foods which contains salt, frozen vegetables even though they seemlike they are good for you, they are usually high in sodium. Also watch your seasonings, as lots of them come with added salt. You want to aim for less than 2300mg of salt per day
5. Add Potassium to your diet, potassium counteracts salt, so you can reduce bloat that way by adding potassium supplements or by eating bananas after your workout because bananas are high in potassium
6. Eat Asparagus, it helps flush water and get rid of bloat throughout your body
7. Dandelion Tea, great safe natural diuretic which means you won’t get any of those jitters and side effects you will get from taking diuretic that’s not natural. A lot of bodybuilders take diuretics before their show and they really don’t feel good from that. Dandelion tea is one way to do it naturally
8. Eliminate Sugar & Simple Carbohydrates from your diet, instead of sugar and those simple carbohydrates, aim for complex carbohydrates that are high in fiber and are also high protein diet, that will help you remove some water weight out of your body
9. Drink Distilled Water, this type of water bleaches your body of sodium by attaching to it and that helps you flush out sodium from your body
10. Drink Lots of water, although it may sound counterintuitive, but your body likes to store and retain whatever you don’t give it enough of. So just as mentioned before, if you don’t feed your body enough, you body will enter into what’s called a starvation mode, same thing with water, if you don’t give your body enough water throughout the day chances are your body is going to hold on to whatever you get and you will end up being bloated. The recommended minimum amount for water is 8 glasses of water per day
10. Use Epsom Salt, one of the bests way to lose water weight overnight
Foods that get rid of Water Weight 
Fruits like
1. Banana
2. Apricots
3. Oranges
4. Mango
5. Avocado
6. Papaya
Vegetables and legumes like
1. Carrots
2. Acorn
3. Peas
4. Dried beans
5. Artichokes
6. Lentils
How much Water should I drink while taking Water Pills?
Ideally, the purpose of taking water pills is to reduce water retention in your body so one should drink less water right? But that’s not always the case and how much water you should drink while using diuretics is subject to various conditions like how you feel physically ,
 Hydration level when you feel symptoms like muscle cramps, dizziness, low blood pressure.


its best to always seek medical advice to know your general state of health before you decide on how much water you should drink while using water pills.

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