How to get free legit electronics online

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Almost every quarter, at least one of the many top electronics manufacturers release mouth-watering latest versions of their products like smart watches, laptops, gaming consoles, fitness trackers, smartphones and more while some electronic manufacturers like Sony will sometime even go extra mile to credit your wallet with cash.

However, while these electronic gadgets are useful, most always come pricey, so many people with a limited budget cannot afford to pay the market price for these gadgets so they just give up or some immediately starts saving up for it or buy with credit cards and their debt keep rising.

However, like any other product manufacturers, electronic product manufacturers, unknown to most people, also offer some free items for review and other promotional purposes.

So gadget lovers interested in getting free electronics should check the free electronics offers using same method I have shared with you on how to get free stuffs online.

Is their something in it for the manufacturers?

Yes! Let me explain.

Customer feedback and market research are important for many businesses as it helps businesses understand their customer better and develop products and related services that match interest and preferences of their customers.

It is an essential part of Research and Development (R&D).

However, collecting information from a customer can be an expensive and time consuming task when using conventional offline methods.

So companies use online surveys for gathering information about their customers, and their feedback about the products and services.

If you know the secrets of how to get electronics for free, you could be saving your self hundreds of bucks or debt!

In some cases, even premium electronics manufacturers will offer free electronics to select customers who are able to provide meaningful feedback about the product.

Although, for most expensive gadgets like laptops and smartphones, only a few of the customers will qualify for the free gadget.

In some cases, the gadget winner is decided based on a form of pre-determined criteria or selected randomly like a contest, while in other cases, there may be other criteria for winning the free electronics.

Is it only free electronics you can get?


You can get free electronics parts too and here’s how to get FREE Electronic Parts online.

Here’s how…

1. Ask for few Free Samples

You probably have never paid much attention to this, but most manufactures and suppliers do give away free samples of their high quality electronic parts.

However for most like Texas instruments, TE connectivity and a few others, registration is required and they you don’t have to pay the shipping. It can be easy with no questions asked.

However, to make it easy for them to grant your request, don’t ask for hundreds of components! No company will give you that much, just ask for a few free samples.

But before you go ask for free samples from these companies there is one thing that you should know.

Never sell free samples on the internet to make money. The companies are nice enough for giving you free parts for your projects so don’t sell them on the internet.

Other than that have fun as you start to receive shipments of your free parts.

2. Ask For It

Talk to the people in your offline and online community you belong to if they have any electronic device they are going to throw out, they may be glad to give it to you.

One good thing is that you don’t need to know them well although it is better to first ask from people who you know well, like your family and friends

I had successfully gotten a smart phone by simply asking!

To get free flash disposable cameras, sometimes all you have to do is go to a store such as Walmart, CVS, Walgreens, or any store that has a photo department.

Then go to the photo department in the store and ask for free used disposable cameras. Most of the time they will gladly give you.

3.Visit your neighbourhood electronics repair stores

You can find pretty good stuff from the electronics repair shop.

I remember that in my childhood my dad used to have a friend who owns an electronic repair store and I and my brother grew up getting most of our science experiments electronic parts for free from that store absolutely for Free!

From transformers to speakers to Motors!

I am sure it saved our parents loads of funds.

So if you ask the manager nicely for blown electronic equipment like Flatscreen TVs, DVD/CD burners, they will usually give it to you.

If you do get a DVD/CD burner, you are very lucky… Because inside a DVD/CD burner, it has a laser diode that cost several hundred bucks! With that laser, you can make a cool burning laser flashlight!

4. Turn up on Trash Days To Discover highly valuable parts.

Some of the stores and manufacturers have specific days for trash days of items being thrown away.

However, these items may include obsolete items that may still have highly valuable parts that you can use or even sell on eBay.

What many hobbyists do not know is that they can get free parts from used disposable flash cameras.

Inside the camera you will find a small transformer, an small neon light bulb, some resistors, some small capacitors, a large (usually 330uF) electrolytic capacitor, a couple transistors, the xenon flash tube, and a pretty full AA or AAA battery on the circuit board.

You will also find a lens and some gears in the camera.

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