Top 50 Freebies Websites You Should Visit To Get Free Stuffs

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These are my top 50 freebies websites  on my list. I chose each of these websites, in no particular order,  based on their credibility , reviews from their users and my personal experience using some of these freebies websites.
I fully disclose that my criteria of consideration is inexhaustiive. That is why my counsel to you is; ” Do Your Own Due Diligence! “

I will share with you Top 50 Freebies websites where you can find free stuffs.

Below are my top 50 freebies websites to check out for free stuffs:


1. Bonanza

The Entrepreneur Magazine named Bonanza one of the best entrepreneurial companies in America. Though it is an online marketplace, it has a freebies section I recommend.

One thing that fascinates me about Bonanza is the placement of Freebies under the ‘shop by’ in its menu bar. So if you want to shop,Bonanza gives you a clever way to shop by saving funds.There’s a lot of spiritual stuffs for free too.


This is a very popular platform in the United Kingdom. They pride themselves as creating the largest database of freebie offers in the UK. There are over 600 genuine freebie offers listed on their website. Latestfreestuff adds 7-8 new freebies everyday.


This freebies does exactly what it does;gives slot freebies. I have once shared my views on slot freebies and I recommend it because it is free.

If you lose the free coins,you still have your money in your wallet! And if you win,is that not remarkable?

So you can get both fun and entertainment using slotfreebies

Visit the website and get freebies for your favorite slot games now.

From slotfreebies, you can find links to collect free slot coins, credit, chips with no task. Although some slot freebies need you to complete tasks and registration, most don’t!

One great feature of most of these slot freebies is that most games are on mobile and you can play them on Facebook!

4. SampleSource

This free sample website encourages their registered members to ‘try before you buy’. It makes perfect sense to me and it would to you too.

For SampleSource,only registered members get the chance to try free samples. They receive free samples from top home, health, makeup, and food products then ship to a member for free.

It is easy to join but they use your profile questions to find samples that will likely interest you. So when filling your registration and profile questions,use only accurate information.

When samples are available,SampleSource will email you to log in

and pick what you will like to try and then ship to you for free!

That’s it. That’s all. Pretty easy don’t you think?

5. PinchMe

PINCHme is a free sample platform. Like SampleSource, very popular in Canada, PinchMe is for only USA registered members.

When you create your profile on PinchMe, use accurate information for questions .Why? They match your interests with available free samples and it increases your chances.

Every month, PinchMe sends out a box of free samples full of customized free samples. These free samples are from corporate companies they regard as ‘investors’.

These donor companies expect you to use and keep the free samples and you then go out and buy the full-sized one.

Sometimes you’ll also find coupons in your PINCHme box to further encourage you.

Online tasks are optional and it is usually for members to provide feedback on the samples they get to try. While it is not compulsory, completing this task increases your future chance.

So you want more free samples now and in the future, give feedbacks on the free samples you got from PinchMe!

6. Influenstar

Influenster is very good for you if you are very active on the social media. I like to recommend it to my friends anytime there is a need to find and try new products.

Unlike most other freebies website, they have an interactive social feature.

This feature enables members give reviews for products in return for free products.

7.Sample A Day

If you love free samples, this is a great website for you. Not freebies for the US, they also have sections for samples in Canada, UK, and Australia.

Sample A Day posts samples daily that are free with no catch. They double check the offers to make sure they are real. Offers can expire quick so check back daily!

One interesting feature of this website is that they have a fun way to blend humour with daily free samples.


This freebies website is an improvement on most online free stuffs website.

It’s yet early days for this platform but has a lot of quality free stuffs. Features allow users give testimonials after getting free stuffs.

There’s a lot of free online courses and free music downloads on the website apart from products.

9. has almost everything as freebie! They have a lot of freebies and free samples;from snacks to flashlight to electronics.

You can sign up for their newsletters to receive regular updates.

They are one of the most popular freebie website


This freebies website is very transparent. They act as a directory to let you know where to find other companies offering various free samples.

They don’t ship to you or distribute the advertised freebies on their website. So if you have a delay in receiving your free samples,it is the fault of the company giving the free samples,not them.

This website was recently acquired by . It is very popular in the United Kingdom too. The have freebies and free samples you can get by completing online tasks.

You can sign up for free with different survey panels on their website.

Earn cash or rewards from giving your opinion or/and taking part in product trials.

12. The FreeCycle Network

The Freecycle Network has up of almost 9m members worldwide. Like the freecycle in Craiglist, this website is now dedicated only to members to get and give items free.

one good thing about this group,is that membership is free!

13. Julies Freebies

I love this website because it helps its readers find freebies then email it to them as well as post it on its website. They also have links to legitimate sweepstakes and free samples on the website.Try it out for free.

14. Woman Freebies

This is a cool website to find and get free stuffs for yourself,your relatives or friends.

They offer people the chance to try free samples first before buying the product.

This website has a lot of women freebies supplies,free samples, coupons and giveaways.


PDFDRIVE is a search engine for PDF files. It has millions of eBooks for you to download for free with no advert,download limits. They always encourage users to enjoy it and “don’t forget to bookmark and share the love!”

16. Yerdle

This is a freebie website that rewards you with credits to buy things you want on the platform. At Yerdle,the more stuff you give away,the more credits you earn.

This website can help you create value from that item you are planning to throw away or can’t get buyers for. Don’t throw that item away or give up on its sale yet,think Yerdle!

17. Freebies4Mom

This is a blog and a freebies website ran by a mom too!So if you are a mom,this website is for you! At Freebies4Mom, you will get how to save money on the products you use daily.

From getting free samples to using coupons to winning sweepstakes,giveaways to tickets.

18. Free stuff Finder

This website,apart from being a freebie website, will encourage you “never to pay full price again”.

It shares deals,giveaways and discounts available online and offline at retail outlets.

19. Totally FreeStuff

This website gives you free samples,coupons and rewards. Though you might have to sign up and complete tasks to earn the free stuff but most are not laborious.

From taking a survey to visiting a website,you will see the task you need to complete to get your free stuffs.

20. GetThemFree

This website lists free samples as offers. They have beauty,food,kid and pets freebies and a section for contests. You can subscribe to their newsletter for updates.

21. YesAll4Free

This website is very easy to browse with detailed descriptions of all the offers to help you decide. Visit the website for free samples, coupons and rewards.

22. Target

Target is has both free sample and discount portals. More purchases earn you more discount and loyalty card as the platform keeps track. There is an optional Red Card that if you sign up for,earns you as much as 5% discount on every item you buy.

23. GetItFree

This freebies website updates daily with free stuffs. You can get loads of freebies,coupons,deals and sweepstakes on GetItFree.

24. GiveawayPlus

This platform is currently doing lots of free food giveaways. They havea prize theme and right now, it is all about food! When you win a prize, you receive e-gift cards to redeem goods at major retail stores,pizzeria and to enjoy free food delivery!


This website does not insist on sign up although you need to register for their newsletter. To get a freebie is very simple;click the “Get This Freebie” button next to an offer. This takes you to the website of the company offering the freebie.

On the company website,fill out their request form and submit your request for a free sample.

One trick shared by is that,as you submit more requests,your chances increases.


This website gets updated with free stuffs daily. Everything on this website is completely free of charge!

Start signing up right now and get all the hottest offers and free samples in the mail!

27. I love Free Things

To get fresh free sample offers in your email box twice a week from,then you must sign up. They offer free shipping. On their sign up page, they promised “we’ll never share your email with anyone else”.


Hey, It’s Free! (aka HIF) is a website that filter out and gets you only legitimate freebies and they do it with a dose of humour. They have a fun way of making goofy jokes about each freebie they bring you to save money.

They have lots of special birthday freebies and awards to back up their freebie service!

29. is one of the largest visited websites for coupons over the years. The platform shares information of different ways on how to get coupons online. You can print coupons from the website.

Also,you can find and claim coupon codes and discounts offered by specific retailers.


This website provides you with the best and latest freebies and share with you. Just as their name states,they hunt for freebies,free samples,giveaways,deals,coupons and discounts for all categories of people.

31.Freebie Lady

This is an online community on Facebook. When you join the group,you have the chance to learn how to get freebies and gain access to deals and free samples.


This freebie website has a lot of goodies for you and you can receive coupons in your email. From magazine to Vitamin water to even food samples! They offer discounts,deals,free samples and coupons that can save you a lot of funds.

33. Freebie-Depot

They are very popular for wedding freebies and special deals for intending couples. Freebie-Depot serves users with lists of upcoming freebies,deals,free samples 3 months from now!

34 LivingRichWithCoupons

This website has a lot of deals and coupons you can leverage on to save cost and still have enough left to live rich.

There is a list of companies giving coupon and if you are a beginner,don’t worry, they’ve got you covered.

Every day,they update their website with the best hand-picked deals out there.


This website is awesome for free coupons.They help you save funds on everything! You can print your coupons straight from the website or credit your card with the coupon for use.

36. TheKrazyCouponLady

Major retailers provide coupons to shoppers through this platform I will love you to try out.

From retail giants like Amazon to Wal-Mart premium brands like Sephora,this is it! This website displays great deals from stores like Home-Depot too.


This platform needs you to sign up to get unlimited access to free sample,freebies,coupons and deals. They also post offers as sweepstakes,contests that may be from third-parties.

38. Shop4Freebies

This is your one-stop spot for everything free.From magazines to beauty products. The website is easy and convenient to use.


Apart from the freebies, free samples, deals,discounts,sweepstakes,this has exclusive preferences. You must be 13 years or older to use and only residents of USA,Canada,U.K,Australia and New Zealand can take part.

It is not compulsory to use the platform or redeem your rewards via their reward program.

40. ICraveFreebies

This website has a very simple layout and provides you with free samples . There are also links on the website that take you to coupons and other free product samples.


This website offers great deals in health products . Unlike some other coupon sites,they conduct thorough online investigations about every promotion before posting it on their platform. They stated that they even subscribe to newsletters of the merchants and track freebies and promotion offers which they immediately send out as emails to users of their own platform. You can save  lots of money by using their coupons.

42. Slick Deals

This site has you covered with updated information on the coupons and sales accessible in your region. For different retailers, you can find printable coupons. Here, they ensure that every coupon has been reviewed and deals rated. So you shouldn’t be bothered about the authenticity of the coupon or the quality of the product.

43.Retail Me Not

This is a deal website that offers over 500, 000 codes and coupons. These codes come from various retailers such as the Banana republic. The website also has a feature for international coupons.

Deals searching can be made by using this online community. Keep these coupons from dedicated store pages created for retailers and cash it. Searching can also be done by category to make it simple to use.


As the name implies, it’s very simple. This is a website that makes provision for coupons. Also, promotion codes focus more on the summation of promo codes. On the website, there’s a feature named “trending now.” This feature can be used in locating top choices.

45.Coupon Cabin

This is another home of coupons for the benefits of its users. Couponcabin features over 171,000 deals, including coupons. Anyone who uses this website can receive cash in return from participating in the stores. These stores are linked to Depot and Target.

46.Target Baby

This is the perfect community to give your baby a fresh look they deserve without spending your cash. When you create a Registry for your baby in this community, you will receive a welcome gift worth $100. After your registration, you would be sent to the Guest Services to collect your gift. Note that,like in most cases, your gifts would not be sent to you; you would need to go to a Target shop to pick it up.

47. Medela

When you sign up and become a member, you are eligible to receive ‘mom-favourite’ products. All these funds come from Medela. After signup for the “The Mom’s Room”, you are eligible to get different freebies samples. These samples include items such as bags for milk, pads, nipple cream, and so on. Their gifts are very special.

Mothers are recognized and given various items for their needs through baby-raising journey.

48. Momsquad

This is a community that offers free samples to expecting moms and new moms. You get to receive sample products from pregnancy to birth and aftercare. Also, you will receive multi-vitamins and prenatal multi-vitamin and other gifts.

49.Seventh Generation

This is a community that gives away samples of their product for free. They offer great products for various stages of a mom and child journey. They give out different baby product samples. All you need to do is to create an account and set up your profile. You will need to complete missions listed out on your account page. Once you have completed these missions, you become eligible for various free stuff. It might take a month or more to have these gifts arrive, but you are certain that they will arrive.

50. Nykaa

Founded in 2012, Nykaa is a beauty based website. Here women can go shopping for beauty products, fashion, and health products. Since its start, it’s been a destination for those searching for beauty products. All their users have opportunities to test their products and give their opinion. You will share your opinion on their website for everyone to see. When you sign up for their newsletter, you receive updates and deals on beauty products.


There are still hundreds of websites that offer consumers fun and credible ways to save money. The 55 I listed above act as a guide for you to try out.

Before using any of these websites,check out the policy and terms along with the features of these different sites.

I assure you that among them you will find one or more that meet your needs.

If you have anyone you have used before and not included but will like other to know, please let me know.

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